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Sunday, July 2, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Toronto, Ontario on 2017-07-02 18:43:00 - Oval/doughnut shape metallic ufo

It was approximately 6:27pm and i was sitting on my couch on the phone when i suddenly saw a moving oval object in the sky. at first i thought it was a balloon by the neighbor kids or a drone of some sort until it began swirling in the are in a 360ยบ motion. i moved a bit to get focus on the object and noticed it was moving considerably fast. i walked outside to get a glimpse at the object and it continued to spin in a fast motion. as it flipped, the it reflected a bright light from the sun. the object was gold/orange in color, very metallic and bright. it was an oval shape in form a doughnut, thin layers and lots of space in the middle. no windows, writings or propellers on the object. the object made absolutely no sounds. planes were nearby but not close to this object. i was confused when i saw it and never came to mind it was a ufo until it started swirling. i lost sight as it moved north-east of my direction and disappeared in the clouds. as it gained distance, the object was viewed a solid dot in the sky. this is a true report and i wish i had my phone with me at the time, unfortunately my phone was charging and i was too amused and "shocked" to think about recording the event.

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Credit: MUFON

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