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Thursday, July 13, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Leiderdorp, Zuid-Holland on 2012-08-18 11:15:00 - Quite some activity in the night sky culminating in very short sighting of a '4-tube-light diamond-shaped' ufo

18 august 2012 sitting outside, having finished our barbecue; it's warm. automatically, the three of us who are sitting outside (my mother, little son no. 2 and i), start looking up at the night-sky from our seats while it is getting darker. i show my son (he's 11) the sky at night, a star-watching-kit with charts and a 'skydisk' and explain to him how the big dipper (in the netherlands it is called de grote beer – the ‘big or large bear') can be used to find the north et cetera. when it has gone dark, there is a lot of activity in the sky: apart from the usual airplanes and satellites, in the following order i/we see: nr.1: to the left of the handle of the big dipper (which was more or less in the west) a rather bright little white light (a little ‘star’ if you will), in a jerky fashion and with the tiniest wobble moves 'down' along the handle and finally, i think even before reaching the pan, disappears. thinking back, it seems rather an odd coincidence that i witnessed the exact same thing (no other witnesses) a couple of weeks earlier, sitting outside on a campsite, during our summer holiday in the department lozere, in the south of france. then also it seemed rather a special experience, so immediately after i drew a simple sketch of it too. nr. 2: similar effect but the direction was more like sse-nnw and this light (little 'star') was followed, in the same direction but at a little distance, by a short, parallel streak of light, most likely a meteor (although the coincidence is rather peculiar, i think); nr. 3: light/'star' moving in the same manner but opposite from direction in nr. 1; nr. 4: same as nr. 1 again. what struck all three of us as typical was the slightly (only just perceivable) jerky and wobbly motion of the star-like lights. nr. 5: was firstly observed by my son with his younger eyes. “look look!” he said, “there... there! can’t you see it?!” and he pointed straight up into the night sky. i only saw it a second or two later because the color of the flying vessel was a dim metal grey and – regrettably – my eyes aren't what they used to be and had to adjust again to the dark sky. but, after also having spotted it, and having just enough time to focus, it was exactly obove us and i could clearly discern it. it was not even that small. this also proved to be the most spectacular event we saw that night. it must have been after 23:00 hrs., maybe 23:15. making a photograph was out of the question: too dark, no camera within grabbing range and no time to get one inside. the direction was approximately east-west. and it passed right over our heads, no sound. the vessel seemed to be one object in a diamond shape (don't laugh: something like thunderbird 2, but edgier), seemingly again consisting of four separate diamond-shaped segments. they may, on the other hand, have been 4 grey graphitic segments flying very closely together as if forming one object. but i am pretty certain it was the former. the reason for (some) doubt lies in a kind of indentations between these segments. like the indentation for an exhaust pipe in the chassis of a car. additionally, in the middle of each of the four segments, there was a (as to form) lightning-like bluish-white neon tube-like light, but serrated light like a real lightning bolt, put in a diagonal position to the center of the whole. as i remember it, the four lights alternately – and very quickly – went on and off, i.E. they rapidly flashed in a kind of crosswise pattern, but in a very exact and regular rhythm. i have never witnessed anything like this. my mother still hasn't because her eyes could not meet the challenge of the dark and fast movement of the object.. the vessel did not seem to be flying very high, we heard not a sound from it although it moved right over our heads. my estimate is that it went pretty speedy, maybe between 150 and 200 km/h (as said: no sound) but since the height was rather unclear, so remain its size and speed. if i must make an estimate: height: approx. 100 mtrs. size: about the size of a fighter jet (which it was not). my guess (if it was 50 to 60 meters up), circa 20x7 meters at the largest. if it was higher up it would be anybody’s guess. was it a drone, possibly? who might know? how big do ‘they’ make them these days. (and would ‘they’ now know how to make those fly in complete silence too?). this last event feels as a one-time experience and i gladly share it on your site. hopefully it will contribute to good things, such as facing up and bringing an end to the playground-like ridicule and mocking of serious people who are brave enough to devote themselves to the explanation of these phenomena, or simply dare testify about their seeing them, propagating truth and openness and - not the least - disclosure about these matters and, finally, trying to really devote ourselves to our continuous education and development, if not for a higher purpose then at least for our own good as mankind. (sorry: it all just seems so very important).

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Credit: MUFON

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