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Sunday, July 23, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Pennsylvania on 2017-07-23 15:40:00 - Looked like a chrome passenger jet flying backwards

I was standing in my back yard inspecting a ham radio antenna and surveillance camera mounted up on a pole on the back of the house. seeing what needed to be done to mount a new surveillance camera i had bought to replace the old one and run new wiring. the sky above was clear and blue. some clouds off to the west. i noticed off to the east, maybe slightly northeast, something shiny in the sky and began watching it as it approached. i originally thought it was a passenger jet. as it got a bit closer i could clearly see it had a shape very similar to a passenger jet but the wings were in the back angled forward, and what looked like smaller wings coming out at a 90 degree angle towards the front of the craft. it sounds ridiculous but it looked very much like a passenger jet flying backwards. the main wings seemed larger than those of a passenger jet however. it also appeared a lot shinier then the jets i see flying over... looking like chrome illuminated by the sun. and although it appeared slightly larger than a passenger jet flying over at altitude it also looked to be flying much higher, so it must have been much larger. i am somewhere around 30 miles north-northeast of philadelphia international airport and have lived in this area for 42 years. so i am very familiar with passenger jets flying overhead. this thing i saw definitely had very large wings at the back of the craft and they were angled forward. much like if you took a 747, made the wings at least twice as thick front to back and about 30% longer and flew it backwards. and also much like a jet flying in reverse it seemed to have small wings on the front of the craft but those were at a right angle to the main body, not swept. it's hard to judge but it seemed to be flying much faster than a passenger jet, and as i said much higher. if i held a dime in my hand with my arm fully extended that would cover the length and width of the craft from my perspective but although it was a clear sky and the craft was very shiny, looking like it was reflecting the sun, and i could see it's outline fairly clearly, it seemed a oddly distorted due to what i'm assuming was the atmosphere between me and it. it did not noticeably turn, or alter height or speed. no sound, no trails behind it. i didn't take my eyes off it from the time i first saw it. it approached from the east-northeast in broad daylight in a clear sky. i watched it as it flew just about directly overhead maybe a few degrees north, still in a crystal clear sky. i continued watching until it went over the clouds to the west-southwest. i'm guessing it was about 10 - 15 seconds from the time i noticed it until it went out of view over the clouds the the west. i had no feelings other than confusion as i realized it's shape. i was wondering if it could be a satellite. for appearing (from my perspective) slightly larger than a jet flying above the clouds, but looking like it was much higher in the sky and going a little faster, i thought it must be absolutely huge and moving very fast. i stopped writing and made a sketch in gimp while it was still fresh in my mind. it's a good approximation of the size and shape of what i saw. i wish i knew more about the image editing program so i could have portrayed the chrome shininess of it and the atmospheric distortion that made it look so high up. i also spent a good hour on google looking at images of planes and satellites trying to find an explanation. i know how much the the picture looks like a plane but it was absolutely flying in the wrong direction to be that. and even though it's similar the shape didn't match any plane. i'm 42 years old, completely lucid and fairly intelligent. i don't do drugs and haven't touched a drop of alcohol in 12 years. this thing i've seen has really blown my mind. i just can't put into words how odd this was. i had been working all afternoon on getting all my programs reinstalled on one of my computers, periodically letting myself get distracted reading about network security. the weather cleared up from a rainy morning and i figured i would get off my butt and find a project away from the computer. seeing something weird in the sky was the absolute furthest thing from my mind. now this has completely derailed anything i had going on today. i would give anything to get a second look at that thing. i'm honestly not convinced it was aliens, but not saying it wasn't either. it could have been some secret government aircraft (ours or otherwise) or some kind of satellite the general public doesn't know about. i'm really so bugged i'm tempted to try to report it to the military. maybe it was some foreign governments new stealth spy plane/satellite they could be trying to track. oh well. if that's the case hopefully some agency somewhere is watching these mufon reports. sadly i will probably never know what i saw. but i absolutely saw something completely abnormal.

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Credit: MUFON

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