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Friday, July 14, 2017

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Black Triangle Sighting in Belleview, Florida on 2016-06-04 21:39:00 - Helicopter following 3 red solid lights

1. i was in my back yard trying to get the engine to start on a wrecked car i had just purchased. 2. i heard the sound of a helicopter so that prompted me to look in the direction of the sound. 3. i knew i heard what sounded like a single helicopter but when i looked i could not wrap my mind around what i was seeing at first. based on the lighting the helicopter appeard insanely large. it appeared to look something like the flying fortress from the avengers movie(roughly the size of a football field. upon observing it for a few more seconds i realized it was not a single object. it was was a helicopter either in pursuit off or escorting another object that had 3 red lights. the lights were spread out quite a bit which gave the appearing of a very large object in comparison to the choppe that was following very closely. based on the spacing of the lights it appeared as thoughthey may have been in a delta configuation though i am not 100 percent certain due to the angle i was viewing the event from. the red lights appeared to be only visible from the front of the craft. i say this becuase as it was passing the red lights vanished. after about 30 seconds or so of observing the lights i decided to attempt to film it with my iphone. unfortunatley the lights vanished 2-3 seconds before i started filming. the lights of the helicopter were all that was visible in my video. i was unable to determine if the 3 lights were 3 individual craft or one single solid object. i lost sight of it when it flew over the trees north west of my location. though this occoured over a year ago i felt it was worth reporting when i was recently shown an article online by a co-worker describing a similar event in the area whittnessed by others.

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Credit: MUFON

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