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Monday, July 31, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Paso Robles, California on 2017-07-30 21:30:00 - A ufo flew right over me it was shaped like a jet but it was dead silent. it was 500 to 1000 feet over me!

805 7129939x on 7/30/17 i got off work at 9:00 pm and a co worker and i was talking in the parking lot. the parking lot is on the corner of highway 46 east and golden hill road in paso robles ca. after about a 30 min chat we said our good byes and i turn to get in my truck. i saw over my truck cab a bright orange type light in the distance. at first i thought it was a street light but then noticed it was to tall or high to be a street light. i told my co worker to come look at this strange light. it looked to be standing still in the north sky. as we watched it we could tell it was moving south and right at us. it moved very slow and we then though it was just a plain since there is a small air port nearby. as we watched it get closer we could make out a red light blinking and the orange light that first caught my eye looked to be 2 lights. it stayed on a straight line right over our heads there was a few lights under it. i thought maybe it's a drone but i have been around drones and if a drone was that size i would clearly hear it. it was a dark night so it was hard to make out the true shape of the object but from what i could see it had like jet outline. with 2 orange head lights under where the cockpit would be a blinking red light at the tail end of the object. there was 2 lights back from the 2 orange lights but they were not far out to the sides like you see on most airplane wing lights. i want to say those 2 lights where blue and one green. after it flew over us it kept to a south heading but it looked to move a bite to the west. we lost it in the trees and parking lot lights. i felt mixed on what i saw because i thought i could make out the shape of a plain. the object was moving very slow and from my guess it was 500 to 1000 ft in the air and i could not hear any sound from it!! there is a freeway very close by but it was not a very busy night on that road so there was not a lot of sound from there to drown it out. i see plains fly by a lot and over head a lot in that area but i have never had a "plane" fly over me that low with no sound!! thank you i hope to hear back from you soon

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Credit: MUFON

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