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Saturday, July 29, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Vandalia, Ohio on 2017-07-16 20:28:00 - Black bird-shape high above horizon

I was taking photographs in late evening because around sunset the clouds tend to show up in beautiful formations. that night they were primarily brilliant white against the still-bright blue. i had been taking most photographs facing the west/northwest and south, but turned to take a few photographs facing the east and northeast. i didn't see anything other than sky and clouds (and houses and trees) while taking the photographs. later, when i looked at the photos on my phone, i noticed a black dot in the upper right corner of one of the photos. after zooming in as much as i could, i realized it was what i thought was a bird in flight high above the horizon. i couldn't tell what kind of bird, except that it seemed like it would have had to be large and it was black. i showed my mom the photo, wondering if she could tell what kind of bird, and her best guess was an eagle. i didn't think to look at my bird photo again until later that night, after actually seeing a completely different, but also unknown, object in the sky which i was able to record via my iphone's camera (that object was in the sky to the north/north-west, and was first seen by my father who then called my mom and me out to see it). after seeing the flying object later that night, i decided to take a second look at my bird photo from earlier, remembering how large it seemed in proportion to the rest of the photograph and thinking i might as well take a second look. i transferred the contents of my iphone's photos in internal storage to my laptop (which has a large screen and an excellent zoom capability!), went through the photos and finally came to the bird photo and when i zoomed in, i was no longer certain it was a bird; whether that's because of what i saw in the sky subsequent to taking this photograph or because it doesn't actually look like a bird, i don't know. (it may very well be a bird; but, that's why i'm submitting it to you!). the photo i'm submitting along with this report is what i call my "bird photo"; however, there was identifying information (address visible) in the original, full photograph so i simply kept the original aspect ratio and cropped the photo so that information was no longer visible. i tried to keep enough of the photograph visible so that some sense of proportion will be preserved.

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Credit: MUFON

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