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Sunday, July 23, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Colorado Springs, Colorado on 2017-07-19 19:15:00 - A white disk shaped light , not even moving, above and near the neighborhood of my friends house

1.I was at my friends house about to leave to go back home. her mom was going to drop me off at my house with her car since it was getting dark out, and they live a bit far from my house. i stopped right outside their front door and looked north west to the sky. i saw this out of place, white disk shaped light in stationary just sitting there. it did not move, but i could recall hearing a slight quiet hum in sky. 2.Right when i went through their door i felt the need to look up at this specific direction, though i have no recollection as to why. and when i looked up from my feet, there it was. just sitting there. 3.When i looked at it, i thought it was a street light for a mere second. but when i realized that there was no street lights there, i knew it was something abnormal and not of human origin. not to mention it was in the sky, not near the ground. 4. it did not move at all. it was perfectly still. since i live in a town that has an air force base, i thought it would move in one direction like a plane. but the thing was, it was glowing and not making any motion my eyes could detect. it looked nothing like the plains that would fly above our town on a daily basis. it faded away slowly after about a minute or so. but it was still visible by the time i had to look away and move on. since we were going back to my house i did not see if it reappeared or if the object did anything else after we left. 5. i felt a bit shocked when i first glanced at it. i felt a strong sense that it was not normal. i tried to point it out to my friend and her mom, but no words could come out of my mouth for some reason. i just stood there holding still in silence to see if it would move, or do anything. there was a little bit of fear, but not enough to make me do anything irrational. when i got in the car and we drove off, i wanted to ask my friend and her mom if they saw it. i still could not speak at all. i sat there in silence trying to register what i just saw up in the sky. i felt confused and baffled. i was shocked, and since i was shocked i suppressed it a little. i recalled the memory just today. i felt a strong need to report it. 6. it was just about to fade away, until i had to go to the car to be dropped off at my house. i did not see it after we left the neighborhood.

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Credit: MUFON

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