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Thursday, July 13, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Omaha, Nebraska on 1996-04-10 21:15:00 - Ufo hale bopp comet sighting

When the hale bopp comet was making its appearance i was living in boys town nebraska,on a small residential farm outside the main campus, me and several other individuals from other houses in that same area all were younger than i were out shooting basketball and i had a telescope at the time and was watching the comet through it, and then all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye i caught a glimpse of an object that was hovering slightly above the treetop. made almost no noise whatsoever except like sounds of light wind blowing, prior to this happening all but me and 1 other young kid were still outside watching the comet and he was mainly focused on the comet, prior to this event i had been really interested in ufo's doing my own research and objectivity weighing in on evidence that i have seen and read about. shortly after the younger kid lost interest in the comet he went indoors and i stayed outside watching this object wanting to see what it would do, it at the time appeared to me to be friendly. i felt quite at ease with the situation, it then started to randomly pulse lights around the side of the craft, as if it was trying to communicate with me telling me to come closer which i did. and at that point, a light came down from the center of the craft and i was staring face to face with what i believe was a roswell gray being. it had all of the characteristics from the slender body to the long gray arms to the pear shaped head, to the oval eyes. at which point i started to feel ringing in my ears and it was like we were talking but at the same time no words were coming out of my mouth, which to me at the time felt really weird. it was at this point that i had felt my body being lifted off the ground and taken into the craft where i proceeded to encounter several other beings just the first one... one of which was really a lot taller then the other ones, i called him the captain because he seemed to be running the show, i remember talking to multiple beings and they all seemed like they were not here to harm us, but more to observe, as the beings were talking in their own way of communication they took me around the craft, showed me all of their different technologies that they had been using, it was at this point in the encounter that the "captain" said to me: and i still remember it to this day "we are real, roswell did actually happen" the captain then proceeded to say in i guess you would call it "telepathy" "we will be looking in time to time on you" after the "captain" said this i was back on the ground with the first being i had encountered, it seemed to say in its way "now you know why we are here and you don't have anything to fear from us" it then put up one of its arms in a peaceful manner as if it was saying to me bye for now. i then looked up and it was gone in a millisecond. the house leader that was overseeing me at the time then came out to get me and tapped me on the shoulder, asked if everything was okay, i looked towards him and with a peaceful yet respectful tone, i said "everything is okay" it didn't end there after the whole encounter, up till the time i left to go back to kansas to graduate high school, where we went a unmarked black car was following, which freaked me out, thinking it could be the mib. as i had been also researching them as well and knew that they generally appear after someone witnessed a ufo or close encounter, i was the only one that could see this, cause i was the only one who had this encounter, once i moved back to kansas the unmarked black cars, stopped following me.

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Credit: MUFON

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