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Monday, July 3, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Stevensville, Montana on 2017-07-02 22:15:00 - I saw a red light climb straight up lit against the blue mountains behind then it flew away silently. then vanished with no lights or anything!

I was riding my bicycle just as dark was setting in. i was traveling in a southern direction when i noticed a white light crossing from about 3oclock to 11 oclock. it was a large light and at first i thought it might be just a plane coming in to our little airport. i think we have vfr airport ...Anyhow just as i started watching it it seemed to fall from the sky. my vision of the object was interrupted as it went behind some tall cottonwood trees which where about 40 yards in from of me. i quickly rode to the street...About 35 yards...Turned north for exactly one half block...Turned south again into the alley and rode to about the halfway point of the length of the block. i did not see anything where i thought the white light should be but just then my attention was captured by a red light off to my right. it was very bright and at first i thought it was a roman candle as it is near the fourth of july. but quickly i realized it was not a firework ...Maybe a drone,,,those are popular toys these days.....Anyhow in seconds it rose straight up to a height of about 100 feet. silhouetted against the bitterroot mountains which were a darker blue....Darker than the sky. it was silent. as it rose i could barely make out a boxy shape as it had two whitish lights on either side of the larger red lighted object. as i struggled to get my camera working on my cell phone.....(i am not sure it i captured it on the video....) but i was trying to record it as it rose up further and headed off in a se direction. at this point it was traveling towards the se at about 200 feet. at an angle of about 75-80 degrees above me. i rode to the end of the block...About 20 yards to get to a viewpoint that would allow me to watch it more.... just as i focused on it heading out ...It disappeared! sky was still bright enough to see this very plainly.

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Credit: MUFON

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