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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

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UFO Sighting in West Milford, New Jersey on 2017-06-21 23:30:00 - bright light appeared in the sky llooked az if something was ejected then more light showed up

I was outide my door having a cigarettethe smy was black and very few stars were out.Then this bright light appeared in the sky it was overwelming at first it was moving then it stoped.I took my phone out of my poket and try to take a video but my phone was full had not enough memory so i tough that is my luck so i took some pictures but only one came out clear.It looked as the obgect shot something out and then more lights came to the left of the object.But the other lights were different the formed a triangle like shape.But the obgect that was ejected was very long and had green light and yellow lights.It is very strange and does not look like any ufo that you see on tv.This was very different and bizare looking when i zoom thd picture it almost look like a mediore but i dont really know what to mame of it.All i know is this experiance was out of this world and the feeling was extremely overwelming.I did not feel afraid i felf safe in a way.When this happened i was really in my own deep toughts. my son was asleep and so was my husband when i told my husband the next day at first he was laughing but then i showed him the pic and he was surprised..This is unexplaningbale and i always beleived that we are not alone in this universe.Thiz lasted for about w min then the lights and object vanished. this was way up in the sky.Bi would love to hear back from you and tell me what it is exactely

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Credit: MUFON

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