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Sunday, July 16, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Marsfield, New South Wales on 2015-07-16 03:00:00 - Nasa/irsa cover up uncovered

To whom it may concern i'm 26 years old. after going trough some life experiences i refuse to explain in detail apart from i meditated and projected love and humanity into the universe and i was taken by some life forms that took shape in whatever i wanted them to be, it was amazing and quite humorous. they only wanted one thing from me and was to experience humanity so i the leader to dinner and that was about it. in gift from them they gave me the ability to think/act/experience things on an intellectual level that i used for the study of the holographic principle with work from stanford leonard susskind. i took it into my hands to attempt to have some truth as a ufologist myself i reported some thing to facebook mufon and other social platforms some time ago but i will share the following 1.An image from my data was blocked by nasa and irsa it comes with coordinates in the top right side and i can tell you what this is is big and moving fast and there is more then one of them and at some stages they merge. you know laws of motion they would not move in this way. not to mention i had the same information and images from my work so i map them using the pink and blue circles to show the images being the same position as other meaning each dot is the same spot on each image in space 2.Mapping on mars image one is a space craft of some kind that is getting ready to take off and the second image is what is mars bases and or radiation shields/airlocks for underground lab facility's all this data and information was taken from my work and observations made from live telescopes and or data gives to us by nasa themselves and other agency's

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Credit: MUFON

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