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Saturday, July 15, 2017

New 2015 UFO Sighting

Black Triangle Sighting in Richland, Washington on 2016-04-02 20:30:00 - I saw a perfect triangle, all red in color at the bottom. approximately 5k to 20k feet high. dark outside, can't tell for sure.

Approximately april 2nd 2016 @ 8:30pm i went outside to the driveway of my house to look at the stars & satellites float by. as i looked straight up i saw a perfect triangle, bright red/orange in color at the entire bottom of the craft. my first impression was omg! this is awesome! finally i get to see a real good one this time! the object was straight above me coming from the west & quietly "floating" directly towards the east. it was hard to determine the elevation & the size of the craft (dark outside...). possible height of 12k feet, possible size of 200' per side. i live near 2 airports & see planes all the time. i also live near a hospital & see helicopters all the time. it was definitely neither! the duration lasted for about 45 seconds & i saw it slowly travel for about 12 miles. i have no witnesses or photos. my daughter believes me. guys at work don't. i know what i saw. it was way-cool! whenever i go out to look at stars & satellites i always hope to see it again (wishful thinking :) i thought about calling the main airport and let them know what i saw because it looked like it was passed right above them. the craft looked to be the size of of a boeing 757. i thought about calling the cops but thought what the hell can they do about it. anyway it was an awesome sighting! i am a believer!

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Credit: MUFON

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