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Saturday, July 15, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Lordstown, Ohio on 1985-08-20 20:30:00 - Spotted a star like light that disappeared and reappeared a short distance from original spot numerous times then observed object in a dull cast tracking in a sw direction

Taking a lunch break from my work and sitting in my car with a co-worker we noticed a star like light appear for a few moments then disappear for a moment then it would reappear in a slightly different spot in the western sky..It was dusk time so the sun had already set but there was still enough day light to see the sky with a few clouds but it was with mostly a clear sky and still pretty bright out..These lights were very bright and our first thought was that is was a star but seemed odd because it was still too early for any stars to appear..This star like light would appear and disappear and be in a different spot not far from its original spot and this event happened for about ten minutes then the event changed to a solid object shaped like a 55 gallon drum (barrel shaped) and its color was that of a dull gray with dark edges..It was very high in the sky and because of that its size was hard to judge because of the distance in the sky..I was pointing to it for my co-worker to observe but he failed to see it and i kept a steady eye and followed the object as it went behind one of the few clouds in the sky that evening..I never saw the object again after it went behind the cloud..I can only measure the time it took to disappear behind the cloud as a distance of its travel as approximately 3 minutes..It made no noise and did not flash any light after i observed its solid form from that of the star like light at the beginning of the event...Afterwards i was in total shock at what i had witnessed and to this day, many years later i am in total belief as to what i had scene that evening and that it was not of this world..

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Credit: MUFON

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