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Saturday, July 15, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Lone Pine, California on 2008-06-28 22:30:00 - Large rectangular object seen hovering in lone pine, ca at night by two witnesses

Summary: my friend and i saw a flat, large, rectangular (with curved corners), dark grayish object with three lights on the underside, gliding silently in the air in lone pine, ca. it was moving slowly southbound, over the countryside to the west of us-395 near the intersection of whitney portal rd. and s. brewery st. details: at around 10:30pm on 7/28/2008, my friend and i were outside of our car on whitney portal rd. near the intersection of roy rogers rd. in lone pine, ca. it was dark and we were looking at stars with a telescope. while i was on the telescope, my friend looked down whitney portal rd. towards main st. and spotted the object, and said "what the f...?". a few seconds later, i pulled away from telescope and asked "what?" and looked up and saw it. it was silent, gray-black, rectangular and slowly gliding southbound. it appeared to be about 150-200 feet above the ground, and approximately 50-60 ft in length, 20-30 ft deep and about 10-15 ft thick, with rounded corners and three dim round lights on the underside. when my friend first spotted the object he says it appeared to become semi-transluscent and then solid. when i saw it, it was solid, blackish-gray but very dim. it was the shape of a huge, dark sardine can -- rectangular with rounded corners. it slowly glided behind some trees. i wanted to run towards it, but my friend was scared and said "no". i eventually convinced him to let us drive down to where it was, but when we went to the other side of the trees, it was no longer there. i convinced him for us to go back the next night (same time and location) but we did not see anything. a few days later, i reported the sighting on the nuforc.Org website.

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Credit: MUFON

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