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Thursday, July 13, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Whittier, California on 2017-07-09 20:30:00 - We made alien contact and something may have been stolen

I was taking horizon night video of the sunset with my new drone over my town and was getting horrible streaks as i pan to left or right. as of now, i just suck at using this thing. i spent my battery on 27 minutes of flight time without progress. went inside grabbed my computer and searched for the fix on a certain yt social media site. well i learned 2 things as i serch the computer for more than an hour. first, i got my camera squared away. second is that when i searched raw camera footage (recording format) i saw the raw uncut apollo 11 landing that helped me understand how awesomely clear that video was back then. why all the streaks and black dots on the most important video of all time. stop this video at 16:33 to see it yourself. it's scary and kinda fun. at about 20 minutes, you'll see a crime being committed. theft... these aliens are better seen as a shadow. it's a lot harder to hide a shadow. there are so many of these things, you may be able to catch hundres on the screen. the hover the astronauts head and follow them while the american flag is mounted. something scared the life out of armstrong and he freaks out. there is a slight glow that approaches the astronaut from behind very slow. he is warned by the other astronaut and he freaks out again . the last photo was not take by me, but is very close to the image of alien that i have. the only way to see if these aliens are few or many or if they are being controlled (like my drone) by the two orbs seen far away in the background... if so, these guy are super awesome uav pilots. galactic champions, if you will. watch this footage at super slow-mo and have some fun. i hope this disclosure is comfortable for everyone. if anyone has any quadcopter night time 4k video tips, please share :)

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Credit: MUFON

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