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Monday, July 31, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Rochester, New York on 2017-07-28 21:40:00 - 4 glowing orange lights pass directly over head in 5 minute intervals.

After a late dinner, myself, my fiance and my sister who was visiting from florida, were sitting on our mothers screened in porch having some drinks and conversation. i was facing the indicated direction when i noticed the first light come into view above a nearby tree. it appeared to be moving towards us and pass overhead. i noted the unusual orange light seemed to glimmer, but dismissed it as an aircrafts' lighting being distorted by the porches screening. the viewable sky between the top of the tree and the top of the porch allowed for approximately 5-10 seconds of viewing. the greater rochester international airport is nearby and aircraft can routinely and readily be seen in the area. after approximately 5 minutes another orange light appeared in the same spot of the sky, moving in the same exact trajectory as the first. i went outside the porch to obtain an unobstructed view of the light. the light appeared to glimmer or flicker as if fire like. no smoke or tail trailed the light. as i observed the light it passed nearly straight over head, the closer it became to being over head the glowing orange light seemed to dim and disappear, as a car headlights would as it passes. i was able to capture 2 cell phone videos of lights 2 and 3, 21 and 58 seconds, respectively. i retrieved a pair of small 8x binoculars from my truck and was able to more closely observe the approach of light 4. the orange light appeared more fire-like, it was not glaring but more of a shimmering glow. i followed the light through the binoculars as it passed over head and the light again dimmed and could not be seen. it was then i could see a form, or shape. it appeared to be a disc. from my perspective, and through the binoculars, i gauged it to be approximately the diameter of my thumnail held at arms length. it appeared to be faintly illuminated by the lights of the city from below, and it also blocked the stars as i followed it. i was only able to observe the object for a few seconds before the house blocked my view. it was very difficult to judge the altitude, it was a clear sky, my best guess would be between 5,000ft and 8,000ft. likewise, the speed is difficult with an unknown altitude. again, best guess, 100mph to 200mph. it took approximately 1 minute for the lights to transit approximately 70 degrees of sky. i have been a licensed private pilot, though not currently current, since 2003. i am very familiar with aircraft of all types and their operational characteristics. at no time were navigational or anti-collision lights visible, i used off-center viewing trying to ascertain any, especially when i was able to view the object after the passing of light 4. at no time was there any aircraft sound heard, again, i am very familiar with jet, piston and rotor noises.

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Credit: MUFON

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