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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Scottsdale, Arizona on 2017-07-04 21:13:00 - 3 objects hovering while dropping metallic sparks. they'd move then drip before fading out.

I was driving north on 64th street at cactus and i noticed what appeared to be fireworks in the distance at about 1:00 due north. i thought it was the princess hotel's firework display so i kept heading north. it didn't occur to me that the princess hotel was not directly in front of me but off to the right at about 2:00. i watched as this ball "firework" hovered in the air as a solid, pill-shaped light. as i got closer to it, crossing thunderbird rd about a minute later, i noticed that it was dripping what appeared to be molten metal. it was falling off the object at a large rate. i kept driving to see if i could get under it. i called a friend in the area twice to see if he saw it but he didn't answer. i tried to pull over and get a picture but the objects were not bright enough through my windshield and headlights. i thought it was a drone with a sparkler, but i couldn't get close enough. whatever it was, it was too bright to be seen over 2 miles away. as i got through the thunderbird light, the princess firework show came into view through the trees, they were on the horizon at 2:30. the "drone" light tfizzled out and immediately, a second one lit up about 5 degrees below the first. this time, the molten area was facing to the west. then the first one came on again and a third one lit up below the second. the molten parts were facing west/ease/west and dropping down about 5x the distance of the height of the objects. i approached a safeway on greenway and 64th street and all three went out at the same time. if there are fireworks that hover high in the sky, i would love to know where to buy them. we can't have aerial fireworks in az. i wanted to report it while it was still fresh in my mind and details wouldn't be lost. i am available to answer questions anytime.

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Credit: MUFON

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