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Saturday, July 8, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Plainview, New York on 2000-04-05 15:15:00 - Above a tree across from my house above and below, and into a cloud !,with 2 others, doing sorta a dance, into the clouds, and were gone in 15 min.Hade a red band around front of calendars

516 8226915-it was strange and being a ufologist,for this to happen, to me, of all peoples i tried to get a video of the objects but were gone by the time i went to my basement to get my camera, but did get ohs video of the sky, that changed, and no clodes but the audio was kids sounds playing, and wiped out a tv show piece that was on the tapes did show this video to a ufo club that i belonged to.They checked my camera and said it must have been dirty heads, what fools,what about the audio of the kids playing, and the cut out piece of a existing video program.This is a trump story i seal never for get, and my wife is a witness, but won't talk about it, too religious i guess.Gets mad at me for telling this story.And i as, now,at 86 yrs old why me at the time, it happened?My friend in queens ny had a sighting ,returning to there king lot, after a bingo game with others in the car saws round ufo with windows,,that lit the king lot, like daylight, and as my friend got out of the car, she saw shadows in the windows, and than it all went dark, and both are, now in planet heaven.As we all eventually do!Stay well!Mk.--other worlds are watching,usa stop the ufo cover up! i belong to the suffolk li ny muffin,that meets at a public library.I have a ufo program that i have don't public libraries,with all my ufo videos, and book writes of ufos.Geting old i need to give up my shows, of much videos etc ufo,material.Go any ideas???

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Credit: MUFON

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