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Saturday, July 29, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Niwot, Colorado on 2017-07-29 05:05:00 - Very bright light emitted in distinct pattern from east to west 1mi, then north 1/2mi

I was travelling at 65mph sb on hwy 285 at lookout rd. in boulder county at approximately 0505am on 07/29/17. i was distracted by a very bright flash of blueish-white light off to my right (south, southwest of my location). as i looked to my right just as i was about to pass lookout rd. i observed the same flash of light four more times as it moved rapidly in about 1/4 mile increments to the west. i stopped my car just south of lookout rd. and observed the light move directly north along w. 95th st. and one more bright flash near a grove of trees about 1/2 mile north of lookout rd. i observed the light sustain for about 10 seconds more as i lost sight of it behind a hill crest. the light then dissipated and i could no longer see it. i stayed in the area to see if it repeated ie:equipment lights, air traffic warning lights, etc. but there was no repeat and the event ended. i later checked the area on my way home from work and did not see any evidence of ground interference or lights installed on nearby high tension electric systems. the lights i witnessed were much lower to the ground and could not have come from anything higher than 50 feet. i nearby resident said their irrigation systems did not have lights so i was able to rule that out as a cause. i brightness of the lights was intense, much brighter than my 840lumen flashlight and there were no aircraft sounds in the area at the time. i can provide a map/drawing of the area if needed.

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Credit: MUFON

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