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Friday, July 28, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Cameron, Missouri on 2017-07-26 20:30:00 - Black cylinder shape on top of flat surface

I was driving down the highway heading towards cameron. the sun was starting to go down it was about 8:15 8:30 it was still light out.I was about a mile from cameron mo. that's when i saw black dot that looked like it was descending from the sky. then i noticed it was coming my way it shot across the highway right in front of my car. i'm guessing it was about 300 to 500 feet above the power lines. i slow down and looked all around for it but never saw it land or shoot off in another direction i guess i just lost track of it when it went over my car. the ufo looked like a all black cylinder placed on top of a triangle. i'm guessing it was about the length of a semi truck and trailer. from bottom of triangle to top of cylinder looks like about the height of 3 semi stacked on top of each other. the side of the ship looked like it had vents and tubing and maybe like hoses covering the ship almost like they ran the electrical and venting stuff on the outside of the ship hard to tell though cuz everything was black and it was moving very fast. so when it flew over the top of my car i noticed it made of whirring sound and that the bottom was smooth when i looked up at it it just looked like a shadow making whirring noise. after that i lost sight of it.

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Credit: MUFON

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