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Friday, July 7, 2017

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Black Triangle Sighting in Liverpool, New York on 2017-07-04 21:32:00 - Five fireball orb ufo's seen at onondaga lake park few min. before amphitheater fireworks show. three came in as red orbs turned into white triangles, hovered, rose out of sight. w

On july 4th 2017 at 7pm my friend and i sat down at a bench behind the salt museum in liverpool,ny to watch the firework display across onondaga lake at the amphitheater. we observed small fireworks in the distance, stars, moon and jet aircraft coming from the west. at about 930pm just before fireworks started,both noticed two red/orange-fireball-orbs coming from sw across the lake directly above the amphitheater 3k.Ft.High at us; as big as jetliners. no one else seemed to notice. after a few seconds we realized it was not a meteor and i pulled out my camera. i got three shots of two red-orb fireballs at their fast speed...Then they slowed down and hovered turned into white-orbs. i took pictures of them just above the treeline hovering over the (?) regional market. then they just "drifted" up out of sight. all firework shows had now started and we seen two more orbs come from in the same direction, the same pattern only faster. we were both numb. upon uploading and printing the pictures there were three objects in the white-orb treeline shot. i did not see 3rd as i was taking pics...But my friend did. blown up...You can see the white-orbs on the left of the treeline shot were triangles as plain as day/night. the triangle on the far right has three glowing lights under it... the two on the left seem to face their bottoms (lights) toward the far right one's glowing bottom. the fireball-orb close up is awesome...Like looking into the sun. do they enter as fireball/orbs and change into triangles? i am under the impression they are in another dimension;as no see'm in space. having had a black-triangle "speak" to me in the 'sounds of silence' back on july 9th 2005; when a friend and i saw a delta shaped object just over our heads...When i thought to myself, "their going to take us away", i 'heard';, no-you are both defective. i know what to look for. if you aren't looking for it, it could be right next to you. (i.E. bug/snake,ufo) i bet all who did see it that night were sure it was part of the show... but we know. (but why?) steeno

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Credit: MUFON

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