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Saturday, July 22, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Wyandotte, Michigan on 1969-05-31 00:00:00 - Ufo hovering over the house. block away from electric polls and. railro

Husband 2 children in the back seat and me. we just left the house to go to the store. we stopped car at stop sign at the end of the block. shocked to see this ufo hovering above the houses. we looked up in front of us and saw ufo hovering above the house at the corner. omg! it's a ufo! shocked! we couldn't move. couldn't believe what we were seeing! it hovered for maybe 3 min.- 5 min. and just shot away toward the detroit river and canada! it was maybe 100 feet above the house at the corner. canada sits right across the city of wyandotte and detroit mi! husband and i were shaken and drove a few blocks down to relatives house. called the police station a to make a report andasked, if anyone saw a ufo? police station wouldn't give me time of day! thought we might be joking. called the newspaper freepress or detroit news contact 10 left message. nothing! no response. no one else seemed to report anything. we tell the story to family and friends and now grandchildren ! an unforgettable sightseeing! will never forget what i saw! it was a huge dome like object with sm windows ! today i saw on ufo sightings history channel. 1969 ufo michigan . president gerald ford. newport michigan sightings 19 69! newport mi might be 25 miles from wyandotte mi.48192 southeast! i always thought that this ufo was getting charged up by the miles of electric polls that run along side of the railroad tracks! the name of the road is electric! soon months after the sighting the fish being caught were contaminated with mercury! it makes you wonder is this all connected

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Credit: MUFON

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