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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Calais, Maine on 1999-08-10 02:01:00 - Bright green orb, danced around the sky, descended below tree line and faded

It was august of 1999, i was twelve and my brother was 10. we were spending a two week vacation at our family place in crawford maine. it was between 1 and two in the morning when i woke up for no reason and felt drawn to the window. the beds are in the attic and the window is in the center of the peak at the end. i almost had to stand on my toes to look out. even now i can't explain how i was compelled to look, but what i saw at that critical age changed my perspective of reality for life. between 70 and 80 degrees high and a mile or two away i saw what i have to describe as a green dancing star. this thing was bright emerald green and was moving all over the place. it went up, down, sidways, zig zagged. it didn't seem to have any clear path, it was just dancing. i was staring in awe and knowing this couldn't be human and all of a sudden i got a strange sensation. it felt as if this thing was in me, in my mind, like it knew i was watching it, and in that same moment it froze and just pulsated. i watched and waited for a few minutes but it wouldn't move again, and i couldn't shake the feeling that it knew i was watching. so i thought i would trick it, i went and laid down away from the window. i don't know how long it was before that feeling passed, maybe a few mins, but when it passed i got up and looked out the window again and there it was, dancing around like a pixie amongst the stars. once more, and much sooner this time, the sensation came over me and it froze again. this time i stayed up and stared at it until i was too sleepy and went back to bed. that seems like a standard ufo sighting but here's where it gets strange. i remember the next night i had a hunch it would return and i planned on seeing it again. wouldn't you know i woke up again, compelled again to look, even though i already wanted to. it was later this time, closer to 3am but when i looked out, there it was dancing again but it also seemed to move more fluidly than zig zaggy, but again after a few minutes it froze again. i decided to trick it again, so i laid down for a few minutes. this time when i returned to the window it was still frozen, but i could pick it out by its brightness, color and the way it pulsated, as well as that connected sensation. it was at this moment my brother woke up and asked what i was doing. i told him i was watching a star move. he said "what?" rather skeptically and jumped out of his bed and joined me at the window. i pointed out the green star and poof! that's all i remember. i don't remember going back to bed or any more about my brother's involvement. he has since told me some of the rest that i can't remember. he said it was moving like crazy, impossibly, and he says it came down, went over the property in front of the window and flew over the trees across the highway where it descended out of sight from the attic window. we moved downstairs and looked out the large picture window facing true west and overlooking the highway. we saw it descend into the trees less than a mile away and the green glow faded. my brother is high functioning autistic and his brain works like a computer, he has the iq to prove it. he practices radical honesty, much to other peoples surprise and regardless of their reaction lol. i have no memory of any of it after he joined me in the attic window. as far as i was concerned all these years, we both lost interest and went back to bed. just a couple years ago it came up in conversation and he told me his side. since then i keep getting a reoccurring flashback of the light in the trees, but it is all i can recall of our shared experience. i've never stopped looking up and have seen a few ufos since and will submit reports for those as well. the truth is out there.

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Credit: MUFON

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