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Thursday, July 6, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Girard, Ohio on 2017-07-06 22:35:00 - Large neon reddish orange glowing spheres, one was hovering the other was swiftly changing direction around the other

I am a strong believer in ufos and i have seen an even on 1 other occasion and it was similar to this. i went outside to smoke a cigarette around 10:15pm as i do every night and i always look at the sky in hopes of seeing something but tonight changed my life forever. i was watching a movie on my phone when all of a sudden my movie shut off and the application just went dark. i have a samsung galaxy s7 edge which is a brand new phone and this never happens. my internet and service completely dropped out. i had no bars and it was like we didn't even own wifi, i couldn't get it to reconnect. my data would not even work it was like my phone completely died and it was on 62% battery power. i took a bit of my cigarette and looked up over the school that is across the street from my house and i was completely frozen in what i saw. i saw 2 huge glowing spheres dancing around each other. they were reddish orange in color and they seemed like they were only a few miles away in the sky. i knew what i was looking at was 2 ufos. at first they both moved in a circular motion around each other for about a minute or so, then the one came to a complete stop and the other continued to circle around the other. there was no sounds in the neighborhood and in the sky. it was exciting and eerie at the same. they continued to stay visible in the sky for about 12-15 minutes. the whole time the one sphere stayed hovering while the other continued to make movements that no plane or helecopter could make around the other craft. after minutes of observing myself i ran to the window of my bedroom to wake up my girlfriend to tell her what was going on because she is a believer like me. my phone wouldn't dial so i ran over to the window we're she was sleeping and yelled her name. at this point i could then hear her and helecopter sounds coming from the east which so happens to be the direction of the local air force base. after looking back up i saw the hovering craft just disappear and then about 5 seconds later the craft that moved about the sky shot off higher into the cloud cover and disappeared. after they left you could hear jets and helecopter racing in the sky to the location they were at in the sky. after they disappeared my phone turned back on like nothing happened but it was drained to 2% battery. this was one of the most amazing sights i've ever seen. after going inside for a few minutes i went back out to see anything at all but the clouds had moved over the area and they were gone.

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Credit: MUFON

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