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Sunday, August 13, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Korcula, Dubrovnik-Neretva County on 2017-08-08 08:21:00 - Strange pop up on live photo

I was on my vacation on korkyra island in croatia (europe) and like every morning i take a ride to the town to get a coffee. i saw a beautifull sunrise above the old town so i stop the car and take a photo with my iphone. it has live photo and makes two pics in one second. in my iphone im able to click to each photo and then a have a few frames to see before the final photo is shown (like a mini video, a cool feature). and that was it. after few days i want to post some photos on fb so i started to search the best...And then i notice something strange - i've had two pics, one is normal and on the other it pops up some flying object from nowhere. i was confused because i didnt remember that i saw something like that when i take a shot. i was concentrated to make a nice photo, there where a lot of sun, and i wanted to make it quick because i was at the road with my car. the photos were taken just outside the town of korcula, with a nice view to the monastry of st. nikola. both photos are taken in a fraction of a second and has this "video efect" so it is very clear that ufo on second photo appears out of nowhere. when i realize that maybe i have something interesting i was so excited so i went to my husband to show the photos. he is an amateur but passionate photographer and he was astonished. after closer examination he concluded that this is no some anomaly on lens or something and it seems that definitely it is a real flying object. when you use the iphone feature you can see the movement of the bird in the beam of light in the position above the object so you can actually see the quick time that passed from the moment the 2 photos where taken and also clearly the moment of the appearance of the ufo. it seams to us that this is a small spaceship or a small explorer ship used just for expeditions from a mother spacecraft. it is hard to say what is the size of the flaying object but is sems to us that is abut 3 or 4 meter. if you look at other elemnts on the photos and compare it the ufo you will see that the bright and dark regions are just perfectly fitting, refecting the sun correcly since it seam that the ufo is flying at a small angle and little descending, too. precisely because of that angle there is light reflecting from the ufo, the most from behind and some also on the front forwards. the strong light reflecting from the back side must be from some highly reflective material and it seams to us that this could be a part where the propulsion system is located. the small reflection of light on the front it seams that this is from the cabin. we also applied several filters to the photo to see how the ufo object looks comparing to other objects and everything is looking perfecly normal.

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Credit: MUFON

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