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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Clearwater, Florida on 2017-08-03 00:00:00 - Non-standard abduction

Ok, first of all i want to note that i have a condition where if i have a high level (or long term buildup) of stress, there is a chance that when i fall asleep i will be unconcsious for up to two days. this incident happened sometime during one of these periods (possibly being the cause, as i haven't been stressed to those levels since i was in the military) but the duration of me being "unconcsious" was one day longer than normal. i live alone, and nobody bothered to check in on me during this time. i awaken. i am in a room with minimal furnishings, just two "tables", one set lower than another. i am laying on the lower set one. i stand and walk around, finding myself in the clothes i had fallen asleep in. the room has metallic walls, plated. the "tables" appear to be of the same material. i find no doors. time passes, feels like it was about two hours. a light fills the room, brightening to the point where i shut my eyes from the intensity. when i next open my eyes i find myself in a wilderness setting. plantlife is in abundance, though i hear no signs of animal life. not a botanist, but something about the trees doesn't feel right. most trees seen have a single or occassional (rare) dual trunk (v split) as would be expected, however the trunk diameter of even the smallest was great enough that "hugging" the tree i had to move twice before i could overlap where one of my hand had been, even though the lowest branches were less than a foot above me. i search around, choosing a direction i walk. hours pass, i am tired. i find a stream, and drink. i hear a crashing thud from elsewhere in the forest. it repeats multiple times, it is close. i investigate. i see two creatures (same type) fighting, punching and wrestling. the creatures are large. they appear bipedal, humanoid in appearance but built like gorillas. from my vantage point and distance it looked like their skin was some form of hide, similar to an elephant or rhino, but plated like an armadillo. one stands up fully to slam it's fists(?) down upon the other, at full stand the lowest branches were about level with it's stomach. definitely dangerous, i carefully back away, and once out of sight i move on, wanting to put distance between me and them. i return to the stream and follow it, drinking occasionally. i continue for hours, taking a few rest stops. forest is thinning out, but the trees are remaining the same size. i am tired, still don't know where i am. i look for a tree to climb to get an idea of my direction as the sun must certainly be setting. finding a good prospect i climb up. i climb until i cannot see the ground due to the branches below me, shortly after which i bump my head. looking up i just see more branches. i put my hand up to reach for one and feel a wall. it seems like i reached the 'top' which is in fact a ceiling displaying a continuous branching of the tree. tired from my walking and my climb, and remembering the two creatures from earlier, i look for a strong branch to rest upon. i fall asleep. i awaken. lighting in the area doesn't seem to have changed. unknown how long i was out, a few minutes? a few hours? a full night's sleep? more? i climb down and continue following the stream, drinking and resting as needed. in time i realize the 'stream' has a consistent 'bend' slightly to the right, sometimes more pronounced. as it never bends left i assumed it would flow circularly and i would end up back where i started. not wanting this, i drink a generous portion of water, turn left and continue. after maybe an hour the trees thin out to an open field. the 'ceiling' shows a lightly clouded sky but no sun or source of light. i am quite hungry, have not seen any fruits or plants i recognized as edible since being here, nor any small animals or fish i could catch and eat. with how much walking i've been doing i know i need to find food soon. i choose to cross the open field since i had found nothing edible in the forest. gentle rolling hills are pretty, but they tend to block sight. i hear a series of beeps. i investigate, as i come closer the beeping seems to be in a pattern of some sort. cresting a hill i see two forms in the distance. one is metallic and cylindrical, it is connected to the ground. the other is small... maybe 4-5 feet in height. it's legs and arms are too short to be human, though it appears to have soft flesh (at least covering the arms and legs), hair flows from it's head and down much of it's back, some may have grown from it's back based on the length and spread... however the entity never turns so i can see it's face. it is clear the beeping is coming from the cylinder. after a few moments the haired entity walks behind (from my p.O.V) the cylinder, out of sight. a short time later the cylinder drops into the ground and disappears. the haired entity is also gone. i wait a few minutes more. beeping definitely stopped. i cautiously go to where i saw the two. no signs of them. grass is too short and stiff, no footprints, no sign of where the cylinder rose and descended. uncertain how precisely i am in the right spot i take a few minutes examining the surrounding area, quickly giving up and continuing on. i travel for a few hours more. quite hungry now, it's slowing me down. finally i bump into a wall. like with when i climbed the tree it appears to be displaying a continuation of the surrounding area. but i now know i am at an edge of wherever i am, and am now fully certain i am in an enclosed area... one that is quite large indeed. keeping my left hand on the 'display wall' i continue moving. after another hour of walking i need to sleep again. hoping i'll wake up refreshed, or more importantly, back home, i lay on the ground and close my eyes. i awaken. still laying on the ground. i reach out... then a little further and i feel the wall. so i didn't move much during the night. my stomach continues to complain that i'm hungry, but i put my left hand back on the wall and continue. after a short time (less than an hour) i hear an odd sound i can't quite place. i look around, and see nothing so continue. then i see a dark patch ahead of me to my left, i hurry up a little, and find a mostly dark hallway in the 'display wall'. i enter, hoping to find something... anything really. walking down the hallway slowly i realize it is made of the same, or very similar material as to the room i first arrived in. i find a few outlines in the wall that may have indicated doorways, but find no way to open them. i continue down. after passing seven of the 'maybe' doors i find one that is 'open', just looks like an opening in the wall, no signs of a 'door'. while unusual, i shrug it off and look inside. a small room, again minimally furnished, but here i see a screen on the wall with numbers all over it. i approach to get a better look, and see if i can make sense of any of what i see. what was on the screen was primarily written in mathemactics, but used a few symbols i didn't recognize. i've later confirmed these symbols are not used in our current mathematical system, but as the numbers were arabic numerals and our standard mathematical functions were present i have since partially deciphered what some of them may mean. a representation of what i saw is attached as a 'sketch or drawing' attachment (i have changed the actual formulae [and left out a few functions] as to allow myself to completely define the parameters, functions, etc. in hopes of presenting it to the mathematical community, but what is shown is a fair representation of what i had seen). there were a few english? words on the screen as well. these words were clearly intended to define the functions (i am withholding the actual words until i am certain of their correlation to the symbols and functions as declared above) i examined the screen for a while, but without knowing what i was looking at i memorized what i thought was most important. i then got the bright (very stupid) idea of touching the screen to see if i could change it to show something else. as i did so, there was a sudden and incessant high pitched hum coming from every direction. it was disorienting and mildly painful. i attempted to leave the room only to see two of my "glowing entities" standing at the entrance (see: report 85752). i got the sensation that this was not right... but i'm fairly certain it wasn't what i myself was feeling. again there was a buildup of light forcing me to close my eyes. when i opened them again i found myself back in my bed, fairly sore and quite famished.

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Credit: MUFON

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