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Friday, August 4, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Coronaca, South Carolina on 2017-07-31 00:00:00 - It was a blinking light. it would blink for 1-2 seconds, then disappear for about 5 seconds, then blink again in a new location. no directional, constant path.

I was at my boyfriends house when the incident happened. he lives in coronaca, this very tiny, obsolete place outside of greenwood, sc. going up 221 towards lake greenwood. we both work second shift, so we are always up late cooking a late dinner. (this was sunday night, teqnically early, early monday, july 31st around 12:30am). we both smoke cigarettes so while we were waiting for our food to cook, we stepped outside to smoke. i remember him saying it was around 12:30am around this time, but it may not be the exact time. (could have been shortly before 12:30am). anyway, this is nothing out of the norm, you could say it's our nightly routine-ish. so we were outside, smoking, and i always look at the sky while we talk. i've never seen anything weird before, just the stars and the moon. we were talking and he was saying something, but out of the corner of my eye i saw this bright light flash in the direction of the sky.. it was bright enough it caught my attention and i wasn't sure if it was a firefly or what, but i kept looking and saw nothing for a few seconds....Until i saw this bright flash of light again and then disappear. it was definitely not a firefly and it was pretty high in the sky, higher than plane level maybe. i can assure you it wasn't a plane, because yes, planes do have constant blinking lights on them and fly in a straight directional path. so after this bright blink of a light caught my attention, i kept staring at the sky just to make sure i wasn't seeing things, and i saw it again!! it was kind of a slow blink, maybe 1-3 seconds. it would shine really bright, like the brightest star in the sky (about that size) for a couple of seconds and then dissapear for about 5 seconds. i was in disbelief and by the second blink i blurted out to my boyfriend, "look! do you see this?" he looked and by the third blink he saw it. so you have two witnesses. he sat there for a few minutes with me witnessing it. it started ne near the cassiopeia constellation. what was crazy about this flashing light was that it had no directional path, it was completely random with its movement and would reappear maybe a thumb length the next time it flashed. (like if you're holding your thumb up about 8 inches from your face, it moved about that far each blink). it's movement was random, but it seemed to be moving right with every blink. it would flash up, then down, but always a little more to the right. i kept looking because this was crazy, i've never seen anything like this in the sky, and i do my fair share of staring at the stars and whatnot. we had both finished our cigarettes and he wasn't as amazed as i was so he went in to check on the food but i stayed outside to witness this. i didn't count how many times the blinks occurred, but for about 15 minutes it blinked for about 1-3 seconds, disappeared, and then reappeared in a random spot, not too far from the precious spot, and repeated. but like i said, no directional path, just moving right, up or down. i watched this for about 15 minutes and then it just disappeared. it stopped blinking. there were no clouds, and i know it didn't move out of sight, it just stopped. the flashes were really bright at first and gradually got dimmer and dimmer until i didn't see it at all, almost like it was running out of energy? i just want to say i have a bachelors degree in psychology, i'm a real person, i would never, ever make up something like this. i truly saw this and i will have to say this is the craziest thing that i've seen in the sky. i've seen constant, non-flashing lights move across the whole sky in a constant direction which i've chalked up to as satelites (maybe?), but this. this is something i cannot explain. i have no idea what would be in the sky, flashing and moving in a non-straight direction.... i tried taking a video but even with an iphone 6s, it was just a black screen.

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Credit: MUFON

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