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Sunday, August 27, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Indialantic, Florida on 2017-08-26 21:05:00 - Baby monitor, wife see, screaming show me, we see 2 orbs granny room. intelligent. then beam connect them. i get scared, go to room, wife says i open door the vanish.

I am sure people will think i am nuts that o.K. i am. but my wife, whom is perfectly normal saw it first!! but i have to share this. i believe in u.F.O. because there is no doubt i saw one while in iraq on guard duty around 3 a.M. since then i enjoy watching u.F.O. shows. i keep hearing about orbs, which those i am skeptical of especially the ones people see in their house.. last night my wife come in screaming terrified saying something was in grandmas room. there were two balls of light, grapefruit size floating around the room. one seemed to be checking out granny, the other the room itself, even one disappear to the side come back then under the bed and came back. then both rose and the stopped in unison, and a beam of light appeared connecting them, the beam dimmer than they were and they were perfectly still about 12 feet apart 5 feet high, the orbs on each side granny the beam going over her. i for some reason then jumped up told my wife keep watching them grabbed my sons bat in the room in between ours and opened granny's door ready for a fight. nothing was there, granny sat up and ask why i woke her up, and my wife said they vanish as soon as she heard me touch the door knob. we have had this baby monitor, and others before it, for close to 4 years and i have never witnessed anything like this., the fact they moved the whole time, then stopped together only when the beam of light connected them, to me shows intelligence the whole episode lasted minutes, and i went from amazed, looking for a reason, to scared kinda for granny, i feel better now to get this off my chest like u.F.O. i believe in orbs now! i am going to see if the baby monitor recorded this. my wife just told me there were 2 other orbs, but they were very faint and i do not see real well, i only saw the two bright ones in the baby monitor.

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Credit: MUFON

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