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Thursday, August 10, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Southaven, Mississippi on 2017-08-05 22:18:00 - Several orange lights crossing i-55 southaven, ms with one descent over several minutes

I got about 7 or 8 minutes cell footage of several blazing orange ufos crossing i-55 at southaven, ms 8-5-17 around 10 pm cst in the direct path of usually very busy memphis airspace (but not busy at this time for some weird reason?) crossing i-55 they was about 1000 feet or less alt flying straight line e to w... first seen 4 orange objects in box formation and 2 lights cut off about 1 minute after crossing i-55 and after the box configuration had passed all the remaining objects came in three's and next pairs and singles last. even got to see what one looked like in the moon light as one orange light clicked off as they was in pairs.... after it cut off could see it come down around 1/4 mile away "top view i guess" very close to northbound i55 as i was in southbound lane. it took about 3 or 4 seconds to settle and could see it was a black platform kinda square or triangular or maple leaf shape sort of looking lit up by the moon light. none came to it's rescue... they just kept coming.... but as they passed over my head i could not see any details in objects they just looked kinda red/orange/yellow bottom to top of plasma and rear was flickering like flames... and they kept straight line same slow speed same alt until out of sight. but as one gets dimmer in the distance more seem to follow one by one toward the end.. even as i left due to friends complaining they was bored lol i still could see one crossing the interstate in my rear view mirror..... there is no telling how many came over at that time.. i seen several...Have cell videos to prove it. only problem is while watching video seems to stop a lot and i have to keep hitting the > play button. i guess memory card was getting full. got 4:58 on first clip and other 3 or 4 clips are short as i had to keep hitting the record button as it kept stopping... i can fwd you the clips if you can edit them cut out my continuous explainations on the video just keep sound as to what works best. issues about flipping angle of phone will have to be corrected as you can see street lamps as the largest orange/white lamps at the bottom of the videos and the white moon light in the upper right. the objects in question are not as big as the street lamp sizes which was closer and kinda brighter than the object. but the black object illuminated by the moon i seen coming down was pretty big for around 1/4 mile away... you can also see traffic passing and only the sound of my high milage engine tacking... and me running my mouth ..Lol.... too bad i didn't think about my camcorder in my console for better close ups ; . ( hit me up for the contact info if you're interested. cell will only send 20 mb files so last clip #4 is 24 seconds 15.8 mb file out of four clips can transfer??? : . ( the first clip #1 is 4:58 and the best of the four..... don't know how to transfer them all via cell. if you know a better way to get the files from my cell you are welcome to all the footage. come see me and we'll talk and maybe i can bluetooth the clips to your device. more info avail. of a daytime stargate sighting and possible abduction i had in 2001 approaching saucier, ms near the ms gulf coast sat. 14th day after fri. 13th 2001 whatever month that was. once i reached the coast while driving toward the stennis space flight center i had engine trouble with tensioner belt pulley bearing failure causing engine overheating at waveland, ms. life does exist in abundance throughout the cosmos and other dimensions/multiuniverses...Etc

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Credit: MUFON

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