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Saturday, August 19, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Mayer, Minnesota on 2017-08-19 05:10:00 - From the roadside i watched a foggy but distinct shape come from the east and move west

(612) this morning around 04;45-0500 i feel asleep at the wheel while driving to a friends house and put my car in a swampy ditch. i called authorities and my parents but since i was in the middle of nowhere, i had some time to wait by myself. i was noticing the stars as i was in a rural area and the sky was clear when i first sighted a strange object in the sky to my east. immediately as i saw whatever it was, i knew that i was seeing something special. it looked very far off and a cloudy bluish hue surrounded it while still having clear boundaries, not really edges at first. initially i thought it was some cosmic event like a comet or supernova until i saw it moving. it looked like an angel or angels hand in hand gliding toward me at first. it was a pale white and blue mixed with hints of violet. as it came closer i saw orange yellow tails being emitted from the bottom of the object and that it was more solid and structured than i thought. it flew right over the top of me. it sounded somewhat like an airplane but had distinct features that made it look unlike any plane i had ever seen in my life. the object had a rather small square fuselage accompanied by two or more straight appendages hanging below the center. the appendages below the center of the object extended down longer than the object was front to back. it passed nearly directly over my head and as it did so i noticed a pattern of many red lights on the back and underside of the body. i also noticed the orange projections coming from the bottom of the appendages appearing as gas vapor or some sort of flame. as it passed overhead and continued away from me who it was backlit by the light from the moon and i was able to see more structure. when first seeing it i had initially had suspicions that they were orbs or other objects moving around the main object but couldn't tell for sure. when it went over my head and started to move away from me i could clearly see small white orbs moving around and to and from the craft. i watch the object for as long as i could as a continued away from me however the shape became less distinct with the arrival of the orbs and it faded surprisingly quickly as if it was moving very fast and becoming invisible at the same time.

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Credit: MUFON

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