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Sunday, August 20, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Memphis, Tennessee on 2017-08-19 00:00:00 - 10-12 classic discs, hovering with a wobble then ascending out of sight

Stepped outside to stretch my legs while having a cigarette, taking a break from the computer. noted only a few starlings out in the heat (must've been close to 95, very muggy). glanced right and immediately noted 10-12 classic flat-bottomed, domed discs hovering in the immediate vicinity of the intersection of talbot ave and s. main st. they were gathered in a loose, disorganized cluster, stationary except for their wobbling in place (some more than others). the lowest was approx. 300ft above the ground, the highest probably about 450ft. all were exactly the same shape and size, from 15-25ft in diameter i'd guess. all were a dull gray color, very distinct and clearly visible. didn't make a sound. i noted no seams, lights, windows, doors, or anything else, just smooth round discs - flat on the bottom, short sides tapering in, slightly sloped tops with little domes top-center. my 7th or so sighting in downtown memphis over the past 5 years, i was struck only by this being the first time it was your stereotypical saucer-shaped objects, and i mean textbook. and so many of them? this was like a small fleet, just hanging there, broad daylight. of course, none of my neighbors were out in the parking lot (and i was sure looking for a witness), but i could hear the usual traffic and pedestrians on south main - nothing unusual. guess nobody else looks up. ran back inside for a camera, but, when i came back out, they had all risen straight up and were rising still, quickly out of sight. the whole thing only lasted about a minute, but i have no idea how long they had been there already before i first saw them. i would swear they knew there was a camera coming out, and i cursed my luck... again. about five minutes later, a passenger or cargo jet left memphis international, heading north - nothing further. the weather was hot, humid, and partly cloudy (but blue sky backdrop from my vantage point until they had risen to a much higher altitude. in hindsight, i hate than i ran back in for a camera. i missed most of it. and, come on, people, put down your phones now and then and gaze skyward. i cannot believe there's not someone else out there who saw this.

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Credit: MUFON

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