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Saturday, August 26, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Whittier, California on 2017-05-20 03:30:00 - Been feeling like and slight memory of something/one in my room when i would wake up. i woke up with a craft above me one night.

I was asleep in bed. i had for several nights woken up with a vague recollection of someone or something being in my room. after a few days of that i had this strange memory of 3-4 people or something like people in my bedroom. they glowed a brilliant white and were slim looking and one was taller then the others. he had an long oval shap to his face but i couldn't tell any facial characteristics because of the glowing. i thought it must be a dream. i will also add in that time i had woken up to my dog sitting on the edge of the bed staring at the wall in the middle of the night which bothered me more then anything. then the last night i woke up again out of a dead sleep and when i opened my eyes i saw this thing. i swear it was a craft. about 2 feet long and maybe 18 inches wide. i am terrible at guessing measurements and distance but it's my best guess. i'd say it floated about 60 inches above me. it was two rectangles one on top of the other. it's depth was not big under a foot for sure. for some reason it reminded me of those old school block humidifiers we had when i was in grade school. but there was not distinct lines around it. the corners were round and reminded me of bubbles. which sounds crazy but rectangle bubbles. there was a line seperating the two rectangles and in the back short side about 75 percent over there was another opine going down. it glowed white but what i really remember was the blue aura. what was strange is i am a person who is nervous and i should have screamed my head off but i felt no fear. neither did the dog not a whimper. when i woke up it was floating have way up my bed and i said what the hell is that? as it floated to above my head. totally silent but it had to have an engine it was something that was running. but quiet like an electric car when they go real slow. there was an thick trail it was leaving. not a long trail but think and white. this is embarrassing butall of a sudden i had this awful urge to use the restroom and i am telling you out of no where i had to run to the bathroom. i knew it wouldn't be there when i got back and it wasn't. it's taken me a while to process this. i don't think i have been abducted because i have no spots or feelings or memories. i want to know if anyone else describes this to you. what it is.

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Credit: MUFON

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