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Friday, August 11, 2017

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UFO Sighting in California on 2017-03-10 00:00:00 - First observed vast object approaching silently from north, moved rapidy toward southeast.

I'm posting this now because i was just watching a show about ufos and it mentioned this website and how an experience like mine can be a life changing event, at least psychologically. it was for me. i live in the desert, in very hilly country, and with wide open views. i was in my backyard facing the open desert when i saw a very dark object with bright randomly flashing red lights all over it approach from the north. this was in march when the days are short, and it was getting pretty dark so i couldn't make out any details. however, at closest approach the flashing lights on it spanned about a third of my range of vision from left to right and delineated the shape of an inverted bowl atop a bowl. a disc, in other words. there was no sound from it at all. in the far distance i could hear a dog barking, which stopped. that was it. there was a breeze blowing toward me and this object was traveling directly into the breeze. i was pretty astounded but tried to keep my wits and gather some idea of size and speed. my best guess of it's speed is that it was traveling about 150 miles an hour. it was impossible to tell it's exact distance from me but my impression is that it was between 500 to 750 feet away or about a block to a block and a half. it had to have been at least two city blocks across, roughly 1000 feet. it was huge. it continued on a straight course over the hills and on into the distance and disappeared. the hills aren't much higher than my own elevation, so it never rose or fell, just kept on straight into the distance. it was obvious as soon as i saw this thing that it was nothing we ever built. i fully understand now why people say these events are life changing. i was in shock at having seen this. i'm not a believer type, i question everything, i have to see for myself. well, i did. i have no doubt whatever now that we're being regularly visited by other people from other planets. we never made that thing.

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Credit: MUFON

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