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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Sugar Grove, Ohio on 2017-07-31 04:30:00 - It was so dark out and from where i was i could only see the lights. more description below.

Monday july 31st at around 4:30am i was taking my dog outside. i was in the road at the time and i saw out of the corner of my eye a weird light in the woods across the street from my house and some pretty strange sounds. i live in the middle of no where. there's nothing at all in the woods across from my house. there's nothing in the woods across from my house for a few miles to the left, and nothing for about a mile or so to the right. i looked at the light and it was a sort of ball form. it was not a normal looking light like a flash light. it kind of reminded me of a flame in a way. but a round flame. i thought it was flickering. but i'm not sure because i got a really weird feeling and snatched up my dog and went inside, because there's not supposed to be anything over there. i went inside and woke up my boyfriend and drug him outside to see it. so i could have another set of eyes to see it, so i wouldn't sound crazy the next morning when i tried to tell him about it. he came outside and i showed him what i was telling him about. the ball of light looked like it was slowly walking in a way, or just going back and forth, but it didn't move too far back and forth. and it kept getting really bright and then really dim, then really bright again etc. while it looked like it was slowly moving. there were trees in the way so we kept having to move around to see it since it was moving. and there looked like there was between 1-3 of them. it was so dark outside and the distance that it was at, my decade old iphone unfortunately couldn't pick it up on its camera. the next morning there were about 5-6 brand new all white suvs with blacked out windows, including the windshield, where you couldn't see inside. they were swarming the area around where it happened, going up and down the road in front of my house, and one was parked at a gate that's never used anymore that is kind of by where it happened. as well as 2 (from what i could see) all white helicopters flying very very close to the ground over the area where it happened. they blended in with the sky like camouflage in a way. can't be a coincidence that i see this thing the night before and then all of those what looked to be government vehicles and helicopters around the area that i saw it the next morning. my boyfriend and i are both kicking ourselves for not getting all of this commotion on camera as well. with everything that was going on and trying to be nosey and catch a glimpse of what they were up to, it completely slipped our minds. which is the worst thing ever because with no proof, no one believes a word of what we are saying. but it doesn't matter. i know something went down over there. later that evening, monday july 31st, i walked into the woods to check out the area that i saw the light. i came across this 7-8ft tall wall of extremely thick brush that i couldn't see over or through. it is in the shape of a rectangle. one side of the brush wall, one of the long sides, i walked along side of it for about 10 minutes. i couldn't find anywhere at all to go through it. as i said it is extremely thick brush, thorns and small trees. i walked back and walked along the small side of the rectangular wall that's closest to the road. there was no where at all to get through there either. i didn't walk along the other long side or the back. from what i could see the long side that i did walk along, it kept going for a good ways still. i'm not sure about the other side parallel to that one though. there may be somewhere to get through. if not the only option may be chainsaw or something similar to get through. i'm going to get in there to check it out. my gut, and eyes from what i saw, tells me something definitely happened in there though. because like i said, it can't be just a coincidence that i saw what i did and then government looking vehicles and helicopters were there the next morning. something happened. and i'm not crazy. i know what i saw and heard. and i'm not going to report something like this to the police. because everyone who reports these types of things are just told nothing happened even if it did and they are just written off and made out to look like a crazy person. the majority of people who see things like this are not crazy and actually did see something. but they are made out to be psychos when in reality they aren't. (don't get me wrong though, of course some people who report seeing things like this are definitely indeed crazy and some probably didn't see a thing).. but i assure you, i'm not crazy. far from it. i may be crazy at times, sure, but that's a whole different ball game. with this, i'm definitely not crazy. i know what i saw.

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Credit: MUFON

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