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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Mission Viejo, California on 2017-08-28 22:59:00 - Bright white light in sky

The sky was totally clear, as it usually is here. i was lying in bed, listening to music and trying to go to sleep. i don't know what made me notice it- one moment i was just lying there, the next my gaze was glued to the object. it was rather far away from me, and high in the sky- but big. around two or three times the size of what venus looks like in the night sky. it moved in a steady and somewhat fast line, going down towards the horizon. it looked just like a normal star, but huge and moving. the oddest part, though, was the emotional response it elicited from me. i tend to be a very emotionally reserved person- i hardly ever cry or express any other extremes. however, at the sight of this white light in the sky i felt both awe and panic. i even teared up- i have no idea why. my mind was frozen for a moment in panic as it moved down to the horizon, but once it was nearly gone i started racing through thoughts, trying to figure out what it was. i know it wasn't just a trick of light on the window- there were no lights on in my room, and at one point a large tree blocked the view of it. i considered airplane and missile as well, though there was no impact and the light wasn't blinking- i mention impact because it looked like it would hit the earth eventually with its trajectory, though i have no way to confirm this. it couldn't have been a meteor, either- it had no tail, and was much too big and slow to be a shooting star, not to mention there's too much light pollution in my area to even see a shooting star. it wasn't exceptionally fast or slow- though it was faster than it was slower. i don't believe it was a satellite either, as it wasn't a sudden flash but a steady, consistent light. after getting over the initial shock, a new feeling dawned on me- i was scared. i had this feeling that i wasn't supposed to see that. i texted my friends about it, and something i repeated over and over in my attempt to articulate how it made me feel was, "it was wrong. it was very very wrong. i wasn't supposed to see that. whatever that was, it was wrong." i stared at the spot i'd seen it go in hopes of it reappearing, but it never did as far as i know. the photo attached is from earlier in the year, but of the same location and shows the path it took.

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Credit: MUFON

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