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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

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Alien Encounter in Grafton, Massachusetts on 2017-08-23 23:30:00 - It felt like i was taken immediately from my bed and back in time

I was in my bed. i was struggling to sleep so i decided to listen to theta wave binaural beats mediation music. after what felt like a few minutes i saw a silver rope hanging above my bed. i reached up and touched it. i felt like i needed to climb it. i realised that i was no longer in my body but clutching to the strange silver rope i was being raised higher and higher. i found myself surrounded in a corridor of what seemed like peach coloured flowers. they were soft and brushing against my skin. my clothes had changed. i was wearing a silver dress similar to the material in the rope. i stepped out of the corridor and into a strange grass. the sun was shining but it was not like the earth's sun. it was dimmer, the hue of the sky was golden and not the harsh burning blue of home. i saw animals i cannot explain and plants trees and flowers i cannot describe. i saw women and children happily playing in the sunshine. a being approached me different to the others and knew my name. it spoke to me and i was not afraid. it felt like i knew this being. she said welcome home, it's time to remember. she was about my height, metallic skin, hairless and big dark eyes. i said it felt like i knew this place but i couldn't remember. she said this is what home used to look like until the great war happened. the masculine and the femanine were always in balance until one sickly creature broke away from the natural order and sought to control all. the feminine was suppressed and eventually our planet was destroyed. we saved some of our children and nurtured them on a neighbouring planet. we let them sleep and forget until the time has come to awaken. it's almost time to come home. and before my eyes i saw great atomic explosions and the plants and animals turn to dust. i realised that i was on mars. i looked to the being and she said she was deformed because a life of radiation in space has altered their appearance over the many years. i was her family. she would return for me. then i remember nothing. i opened my eyes and it was 6am. i felt exhausted. i'm not crazy. i didn't imagine this. my house is full of the smell of this foreign flower that lined the corridor i walked through. i do not drink alcohol, i do not take drugs.

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Credit: MUFON

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