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Thursday, August 24, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Grundy, Virginia on 2012-11-04 21:32:00 - Silent ufo turns on and flies away.

The following is the exact statement i made to star gazer via ufo report form 1741 when & where i originally reported this. i never heard back, so after watching the lowe files i decided to re-report my sighting: my sister and i were on our way home from abingdon, va going to hurley, va. the stars were beautiful that night as i had been star gazing the whole way home (i was the passenger). the sighting occured at the new mountain (some sort of bypass with the coalfield expressway they’re trying to build) in grundy, va, "walmart mt" if you will. the moment when we started to go down the hill we saw a ufo. i didn't see it go from one side of the sky to the other; i didn't even see it until it turned its super nice blue lights on (i guess it was hovering in the middle of the sky and decided to leave so it turned on its “get the h3ll out of here” lights) and that thing was gone. i’ve never saw anything go so fast! it didn't have a noise (i had my window down cause i was smoking (a cigarette by the way)). it was shaped like a waning crescent moon (but rotate the image in your head to the right) and it went from my right to my left, but it was hovering right above us (or it appeared out of thin air, but i like my hovering theory) and i only saw the lights, i couldn't make out a ship color. i think it was either a round shaped ufo with only one half of the edges lit up, or it was just the crescent moon shape and it was completely lit up (the latter being what i actually saw). when it turned the lights on, it lit some of the sky up, sort of like lightning, but not as far out into the sky as lightning would and the “lightning” was a bright led blue color just like the lights. and it was higher than the trees but no where near the stars. i really don’t know anything about altitude to describe how far it was, it seemed close but not close enough to scare me. it was as big as a full moon would be hanging in the sky. i wish i could see it again, it wasn't scary, it was cool. it was so fast, it had turned those lights on and was gone before i could finish saying "wow". the lights on it could've been one light as i didn't see any gaps to prove seperate lights, but i don't know how it could be a single light and be shaped like that. the lights didn’t blink nor flash, they were just turned on and they stayed on. i guess it could be some form of a military craft, but i can’t identify it, and it was a flying object. so it’s a ufo to me, until someone can prove me wrong.

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Credit: MUFON

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