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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Beograd, on 2016-03-15 21:00:00 - Time anomaly, twice - repeated sequences of the same, short time periods and prediction of atom-bomb explodes, repeated three times

Time anomaly - personal experience, two types. the first type was like short sequences of really time, two minute, or shorter, repeated totally the same like had really happened, directly after had happened. in this time gap, i was free to do what i want because i had know that have happening repeating, my mind continued to work normally, was not put back in the time. the sequences repeated once, or 2 -3 times, the same one, once after another. i think i stop longer duration of being confused and afraid of what is happening... do not remember all this 100%... this have happened maybe 10 times to me, every time when i was looking my favorite tv program,turkish soup tv series,in my home,dining room,in the flat in one big collective house, and when i was alone /i live with big children, never in home/, so, i have not witnesses. i noticed repeating because of same sentences repeating in the tv tittle, in other way there was not some cut, or - i will not notice so easy... the second type, was much more serious. it had happened once, one and half year before, mart 2016, and happened in the some way and the same manner like the first type, but, this time not repeating sequences, but, more like short film, with big cut from reality. film was about how one small atom-bomb just explode somewhere in some gray, big, empty, middle europe or near east landscape /lot of small hills, wood/, with lot of my emotions of sadness. film was very short, because i was shocked, and stop it, i think. it repeated two times more the same one, with short cuts between,like thunderbolt of reality... it had happened also when i was looking tv, alone, but i do not remember what program... hard to described... the film was real more than reality and after, i was excited. i was not afraid from both of this time anomaly,but,shocked. and, i think, i had stopped them in some way... maybe repetition come because my control was not so powerful...

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Credit: MUFON

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