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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Morris, Minnesota on 2017-08-01 22:43:00 - Saw object in sky that appeared to be planet or star. it was stationary, then started moving. holy moly!

I went outside at approximately 10:41 pm tuesday august 1st to view the iss flyover. i looked up the time on the spaceweather.Com flyover website. the iss was due to flyover from wnw at a little after 10:43, so i was a couple of minutes early. i was looking around the sky to see if there was anything interesting to see and i noticed a star or planet to the east appx. 40 degrees up which appeared to be showing through some cloud haze. it had a faint aura around it, and so i figured it was just some haze, but then i noticed that the sky was otherwise very clear. the object was about as bright as the iss was that night. i then returned my gaze toward wnw to spot the iss and it came into view. i followed it as it traveled from my left to my right. as it moved eastward and was on my right, i noticed a faint object, perhaps a satellite, moving from the south northward. i remember wondering if it was trying to chase the iss. i returned my gaze back to the iss to follow it, and was watching the dimmer object out of the corner of my eye. it's proximity to the object with the aura was below, about 10 degrees and by this time further north.. i then noticed that the object with the aura was moving. before, it was stationary, because i took a lot of time looking at it and then at other stars to see if other stars had the same aura, which they didn't, and so i know that the object with the aura was stationary. it then started moving in a parallel path as the dimmer object, from south to north. i was stunned. as it moved, it continued to have the aura around it, so now i knew that this object was unique. i continued to watch this object travel nnw until the star feature had faded and there was just a glow left. the dim object and the aura object both moved at the speed similar to that of the iss.

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Credit: MUFON

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