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Thursday, August 3, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Mena, Arkansas on 2017-04-13 22:30:00 - 4/13/17 south polk county, arkansas. star like object moved slowly into view over us. very bright, silent paused, began to move slowly building speed, disappeared with blinding flash

April 13, 2017 approx 10:30pm polk county ar, near hatfield. my eleven year old daughter and i, routinely star gaze together. we had not been outside more than 5 minutes when over us a "star" seemed to appear or move into view. i asked her if she noticed it there before, then it began to move. it did not twinkle. it did not make a sound. no flash, no color. just very bright. the size and distance above us was impossible to speculate. larger and closer, & brighter than any other object my daughter said mom! video this! afraid to look away for fear i would miss something, i quickly turned on my phone's video recorder. the object paused for me! long enough to get it into view, then it began to move again. we ran across the yard following it into to the east, stopping at the garden, out from under tree cover in the clear. the object seemed to be moving away faster but was getting brighter, maybe larger. then with a blinding flash of light, it was gone. i heard a very faint noise, like a quiet thump. for a second i was blind, & disoriented. i couldn't hear my daughter. then i snapped out of it with my daughter saying "mom! mom! where did it go? it just disappeared!" we immediately tried to watch my video. but surprisingly, there wasn't a video. my phone was dark. not off, but like i hadn't been filming or using it at all. although it was extremely hot to the touch. i felt like the object was aware of us. i felt like it purposely paused long enough for us to keep up with it, & although i did not get a video, my daughter got a short one. this was a very positive event experienced between my daughter and a i. we've seen several strange lights and apparitions since. only when we are alone together, at the same location. her video was cut off with a flash of light, yet you can still her voice after the video goes white, it then cuts off by itself.

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Credit: MUFON

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