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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

New 2015 UFO Sighting

Alien Encounter in Clearwater, Florida on 2017-07-19 00:00:00 - Multiple sighting of unknown "glowing" entity by single person

Ok, this may be a bit long as this is my first time reporting and i have had these "incidents" since i was quite young. i am only reporting now due to a new event (which will be reported seperately) in addition to a relatively recent of the below declared 'common' incidents. please note that i have kept a sparse record of these events, primarily dates, times and locations. regardless of location each incident has shared a number of common features so far. 1.) a tall(ish) humanoid figure (approximately 6-7 feet tall, average body build for a human but with thinner arms and legs) emitting a white glow (the glow has always obscured definable features such as eyes/ears/nose etc.) 2.) entity has only once (first incident) been closer than 5 feet from a human or animal.(moves away with it's great speed and agility if anything comes close) 3.) entity moves with a 'gliding gait', touching the ground temporarily before pushing off, moving at respectable speed (slower than a car in a residential zone, but close to that speed) 4.) on occassions where it's movement is upon affectable terrain it has left traces that something moved recently (i.E. grass pointed in a different direction) but has never left footprints as the soil has never been that soft. 5.) while i generally declare it as a single entity there have been 3 incidents of seeing two of them at the same time, in those incidents they did not appear to be communicating with each other, though both would realize my presence at the same time. 6.) as of yet i alone have seen the entity, even though others have been present (entity still avoids them). 7.) attempts to corner entity have failed (primarily because assisting people haven't been able to see it) attempts to communicate have also failed, though it is clearly aware of our presence locations entity has been seen are varied, primarily outdoors. only times the entity has been viewed indoors is when either a.) there is a door/window that is permanently or constantly open(ing) or b.) the interior structure is greater than a certain size (generally a large mall where it would take 10-15 minutes to walk from one end to the other) 1.) entity has not yet been seen after a fresh rain, or on sandy/snowy terrain. 2.) i have seen entity multiple times a year, spacing between incidents ranges from 26 days to 237 days, but sightings average most commonly within a 53 to 97 day spread. (first sighting was back in may, 1990) 3.) has been seen in nearly every city i've lived in, including: (ca) redding, monterey, san diego, orange, irvine, (nc) jacksonville, (fl) clearwater, st. petersburg, as well as during my year traveling in the wilderness in ca, tx, and fl. 4.) when seen the entity appears to be observing it's surroundings, turning it's head to take in the sights. it has been viewed standing, kneeling and sitting, as well as in motion using it's "gliding gait" i make no definitive declarations as to what this entity is. according to military and civilian psychologists it is merely a hallucination, however the medications i have been given to attempt to stop the potential hallucination have as of yet been ineffective, and the fact that grass turns in accordance to it's movements is telling of something having been there. as such, the three primary theories i haven't been able to disprove are: a.) angelic being of some sort (likely a guardian angel or an archon) i say archon as the archon's declared appearance matches quite well to what is viewed, and guardian angel as two of the incidents had delayed me enough to prevent me from potentially being part of an accident (once while driving, i pulled over after seeing to try and intercept... accident happened about a mile down the road which i might have been part of, and a second incident i attempted to follow one, later returning to the route i was running where a car had recently collided into a building that was directly on my route) b.) an extra-dimensional entity, primarily due to the fact that as of yet i am the only one present at the time who can see it. c.) an extra-planetary entity, potentially using some form of cloaking technology (for same reason extra-dimensional entity is a prospect)

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