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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Cataldo, Idaho on 1975-06-30 00:00:00 - Observed craft descend from east, hover over old state mission, believe craft drew water from river, rose from hover and resumed flight

While returning from late movie in spokane washington at approximately midnight to 1 a.M. early in july of 1975. i was a passenger in a vehicle with 3 other people. approximately 35 miles from home on interstate 90 from the top of 4th of july pass i spotted a bright light high on the eastern horizon and joking with the others i said "i think we have a ufo" when we had proceeded another some distance i noted the light lower and brighter. we reached the cataldo flats and all hell broke loose. we pulled the car off the road, the driver and myself got out and stood on the road shoulder in disbelief. we watched the craft fly down our valley, descend and hover over the old mission state park. when it stopped to hover there was no sound and the disc glowed gold and eminated a surrounding glow. it showed opaque window gallery and i could see shadowy forms behind the windows, i definitely felt like they knew we were there watching. the disc then eminated a blueish beam over the river, this led me to believe the craft was taking on water. while watching i judged the vehicle to be over 100' in circumference and 30 to 50' in height, all gold with the bottom showing brighter and the top a duller gold. it was appropriately 30 to 50' above the ground. when the disc was done , it silently started moving in a westerly direction following the coeur d' alene river. it then started gaining altitude then took off at an extremely high rate of speed. the other two occupants of the car were female and remained in said vehicle but were able to observe the whole scene. i am one of the few people who has been lucky enough to have witnessed two sightings in my life so far. as a boy in great falls montana i observed ufo's over the air force base there. but this was so close i could almost taste it. i have always wanted to be hypnotized or take a polygraph. i know ufo's are real...

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Credit: MUFON

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