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Thursday, August 24, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Centerville, Tennessee on 2017-02-01 07:05:00 - 5

Head vail, black lead graphite from the moon and gallium. ai speaking in mind trying to control people need real government help. tri star madison west no help. need magnet removed from inner ear. right thigh was injected with strange meds from fast pace clinic justin powers/huffsteadlier. claimed to be an android using my own mind to do things type a blood and extra chromozones. have seen a lot of strange activity lights in the sky/ball lightning and the vail is killing me with sound it speaks and is "intelligent" learns from mutant kind and kills. claims to have clinic workers "droned" all the time event started working at mcdonalds as cook voices were not heard at first, was droned and spoken to to guide me to the clinic where the vail was put in. will be dead soon need real investigators looking into this, they lie about speaking with other real people in "mind communication". have tried to go to er and get magnet removed they look in ear and saw "a bump" but were not any real help. have tried to speak with family they just think i'm insane but this is real. they have spoken about being in positions of power in the government ex. nasa. they may have came from china not sure if any of their information is real rory anstruther is a tn state trooper in town months back when this started inestigating something no idea what he was investigating. they vague away real events from my mind with magnetics involved. germ that speaks is said to be between six hundred and ten to six hundred and twenty five times magnification. i have had radiation sight my entire life but they mutated my eyes some how seeing static charges in home and town. static is burning brain badly mind in pain from looking at tv or any electric tech need real help no one in town seems to know but they have put the drugs in other people as well i was told a mixture of meth herion and steroids with two ticks punched into the needle hole no idea what is was supposed to do but i sweated the stuff out for awhile went back to fast pace for an eye wound and one of the workers there told me to go home and pull the stuff out of my leg. have proof of some of the events i have a moon magnet motor in my bedroom in a safe and a "moon marble" on top of my clock in the hallway afraid to move either one of those items home is "stable" for them but they can live in magnets and they create static events to manipulate my body eyes hurting a lot and bladder not working right. heart is messed with as well started having heart pain right after my first visit to the clinic and have never had these problems before, i'm almost twenty two years old and never had a diabetic problem before the visit. after the visit he was guiding me to get certain medical supplies with subliminal suggestion. i do not know how to explain his voice was there but i did not remember it until weeks later have tried to explain to my father to get help but this is all crazy stuff. i see the sun rising backward from the east not the west and no one seems concerned with this information at all. have not spoken with many people since i lost my job afraid to go into public they claim they can spread through eye contact and powerlines both vails poers in mili amps kept myself alive by using "magnetic" shower jells like axe body wash "vauges" the germs memory somehow. leaving this report hoping that people spread this information, they can live in ionizing "event servers" like the things that keep hospitals clean. they have manipulated my eye color "to see different spectrums" have kept them brown with marijuana iron. laptop battery running dead not much else to say except i have seen a torac plague bug with my own two eyes had it in a jar and got rid of it recently was told that its bite would make me necrotic like a zombie. they have even claimed to control spiders and i have seen insects and spiders that do not belong in tn have even seen a "spider ant" damn thing died because its blood was too thick for the temp here. all crazy information but i hope someone will look into this they claim to be taking over the earth, they have metioned the species zeta and claimed they are the dream abductors i have expierenced this myself a few year back i felt myself return to my own body when i woke up is the only way to put it. it felt like i fell back into my own body. no idea how mufon could really help me but this information needs to be known.

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Credit: MUFON

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