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Friday, August 4, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Edmond, Oklahoma on 2017-08-04 17:43:00 - I thought it was a bird

I had been home for an hour from work. i work for the military at tinker afb. i was tired from long day and like to relax to look at my unfinished shed i work on. i happened to sit on my porch in favorite chair. i glanced up and looked at the sky, like i usually do when i sit in my favorite chair. i noticed what immediately looked like a black bird for about 20 seconds; i said to myself. i havent seen a bird float like that for a while. then i noticed it was not flapping its wings at all. i said...Hmmm, is that a kite or somebodys drone toy. i convinced myself it was a drone toy bird. i was very impressed. i said that is very nice.. i wish i had my camera. it kept on moving from about a couple of hundred feet high over my house, to about 200 feet north of back yard line. it kept moving too and fro, and moving westernly direction, very gingerly. i told myself, the owner of that plane or toy bird is gonna lose it if its radio controlled. it moved higher in elevation by about 100 feet. then it gently began to move south and about same altitude. i was very impressed with this drone, i had convinced myself it was not a bird, since no flappping seen at all observing for now over estimated 12 minutes. it continued to move south, and moving gently too and fro rising in gently elevation. and disappeared out of sight. i wished i had gotten my camera to take a picture; but then i said, who cares about a picture of a bird. a bird that never flaps its wings. i thought maybe the temperature of the air was helping it hover;it was only modestly warm outside. as it went out of sight moving south toward turner turnpike next to quail springs mall in okc, i heard a plane come from the same direction and spot the bird had headed to. i was very impressed with this bird thing, no wings moving, no sound, gently flying at possible 400 to 500 ft. i went inside and decided to report this. as i begin to write, i heard a plane engine outside also. thats all.

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Credit: MUFON

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