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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Provo, Utah on 2017-08-21 15:27:00 - 2 orbs that seemed to come in and out of clouds then circle around each other come together then separate multiple times

I was delivering liquid nitrogen to one of my customers in provo utah at the above address. when i came out to fill the liquid in the back of my truck i was just sitting starring up at the mountains because they were so pretty. i noticed an object come out of a cloud and then go back in. at first i thought it was bird but then i saw it come out of the cloud again and stop in mid air and slowly go back into the cloud. it did this about 3 times. on the fourth time it came forward out of the cloud and i can see that the bottom of this object was a dark color like a shadow underneath. that is when i observed a second object come down out of the bottom side of the cloud. and they both in unison went back into the cloud. that is when i got out my iphone 6 to film this. when filming i couldnt see it happen again. nothing coming out of the clouds so i was disappointed that i did not capture it on film. but when i got back to my office i sat down and watched my .55 second film and i did indeed capture the phenomena but above and to the right of the cloud. it was 2 white ords that seemed to flicker a little one was for sure brighter than the other. the both came together and seperated or at least seemed to look like they did because when they came together as one for a split second it got brighter then dimmed. then i watched them circle each other and seperate by about a few hundred feet then stop and come back together and become as one and the seperate again. one went sout the ther seemed stationary then my video ended. i would have kept filming but i was looking at the cloud and not the area where the phenomena happened so i thought i didn't capture it. i do have the video on my iphone still but to see the orbs you have to pinch zoom with my phone to the section where they are. i was in shock. this was about 3 hours after the solar eclipse.I would attach the video but i dont know how to blow it up i would much rather show you on my phone. if we can set up a meeting that would be amazing.

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Credit: MUFON

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