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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Saint Albans, West Virginia on 1984-09-10 14:15:00 - Translucent orb, tennis ball size, containing smaller salmon size translucent orbs that undulated within arms length inside my house and caused dog to collapse.

This report was prompted by watching hangar i, file # 40667 time was early afternoon in the early 1980's i was reading in my day light basement with my left side parallel to a bank of outside windows. my dog, a lab/short hair mix was lying beside me. there was a scrunching feeling in the back of my neck. i rubbed my neck, the feeling persisted and i twisted and stretched my neck and looked up. hovering within arms length in front of me was a translucent orb slightly larger than a tennis ball. inside the orb were numerous smaller translucent orbs about the size of salmon eggs. these smaller orbs were undulating about themselves. i reached out to grab the orb and was stopped and a loud voice said: do not touch! the orb then gradually drifted towards the windows. i looked at my dog and he was also looking at the orb with his head cocked to one side. i looked back at the orb and could no longer see it. looking back at the dog he still appeared to be watching it when suddenly his neck turned like a corkscrew and he collapsed. i thought he was dead. after a few seconds, his neck unwound and he stood up and shook himself and the orb was seen no more i've attempted reporting this before, but was not taken seriously. since the event was like mufon case 40667 i felt it might be good to have it documented somewhere.

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Credit: MUFON

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