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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

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Alien Encounter in Clearwater, Florida on 2017-08-09 00:00:00 - Alien physical assault (raid) across usa beaches to terrorize us citizens

Preface: i am a retired soldier with over 20 years military experience with infantry (parachute & mechanized) and armor forces from 1973 to 1998. during desert storm (december 1990/january 1991) while driving westbound along a msr through an armored division's assembly area (se of hafar al batin, saudi arabia), i observed a triangle ufo. the triangle was blacked out and i was only able to see it because it blocked out the stars - the night was clear. i am very familiar with aircraft from having grown up with a family cessna, many commercial airline flights as a child, being a paratrooper, working with helicopters in the 101st airborne division, and training in germany. this triangle was hovering at approximately 1500-2000 feet. there was a light wind at ground level, probably greater at the object's altitude. the triangle ufo did not move and made no sound; yet, no military aircraft seemed aware of its presence over an armored division's assembly area preparing to invade iraq. i did not report it, then, because i knew i would be discounted and possibly removed from duty. plus, i felt the ufo did not pose a threat to us. also, i held an important job in a 5,000 man armored brigade that held half of the armored division's m1a1 tanks (150+). so, i give you this information to assure you that i know ufos exist and that i am not a nut case. i have creditability in identifying us forces aircraft. btw, on a lighter note, the a-10, my favorite close air support aircraft, sounds just like a star wars x-wing fighter. * future uso/ufo event: i have been told, by an information source that while very reliable, cannot be revealed to you, at this time. yeah, i know, it sounds cryptic; but, i fully believe what i have been told. the august 21st total solar eclipse is the signal for alien forces, using unidentified submerged objects (usos) assembled in the deep trenches of the atlantic & pacific oceans, to launch a seaborne assault across the west coast beaches and the gulf of mexico beaches of the usa. i have surmised that their purpose is to conduct a country-wide (if not a world-wide) raid to instill fear of aliens in humans; and, to prove, once and for all, that aliens exist. this attack will create a worldwide financial collapse and force all nations to work together to fight the alien threat. a "raid" is not meant to occupy ground for a long time. it has a very limited objective that can be accomplished with limited forces. this allows you to spread your forces over broader areas of your enemy and therein confuse them, to test their communications and reactions. a raid could be considered a probing action. especially since the attacking aliens will not be able to gain overall air supremacy, just localized. once social-media has spread videos of their attacks, the whole world will know that aliens exist and they pose a serious threat to mankind. after that, everything else falls into place, as a normal human response to an unknown fear. this ain't gonna be like "when the earth stood still" nor "independence day". these simultaneous attacks (raids) are solely meant to terrorize us, therein, forcing humans to seek a unified approach to dealing with an alien threat. i've also been told that the alien raiders will penetrate california as far as i-5, thus cutting off any lateral movement of us armed forces. plus, they will pick specific locations that will preclude the employment of any mass aerial bombing for fear of killing people hold-up in their high-rise apartments and condos. plus, they come by sea because they can easily travel undetected, by our submarines and sonar; as opposed by air - where we have early warning. the alien raiders operate with independent squads of 8 with a squad leader and assistant squad leader. while they possess projectile/directed energy weapons, they prefer using edged weapons for the fear effect and to boost their own bravado. this allows them a blitz krieg style of attack that disorients our reaction forces and makes them appear to be everywhere. while i do not know for sure if their forces will remain in place for a set amount of time, or if their forces will die in place, causing us to root them out. i suspect this will be a hit and run, to test our forces reaction and communications; which, allows them to pinpoint our command and control structure for future attacks. their using the eclipse because it's the best way to coordinate an attack without exposing their internal communications abilities. i also believe their attack will be staggered; based upon the eclipse's shadow. this means they'll attack the west coast first to suck in our forces in the west then they'll hit the gulf coast. oh and btw, high tide in the gulf of mexico coincides with the eclipse. high tide allows a seaborne attack the ability to get as close as possible with deeper water to minimize discovery and allow forces to more quickly close with its enemy. * conclusion: so, i'm taking a big gamble here that i can trust mufon to seriously consider what i'm saying. i'm hoping for confirmation or elaboration of what i have, so to better prepare my family & friends for a potential event more terrifying than 9/11. i've only received this information within the past 45 days and have been confirming suspicions with other sources across the us. i know there are friendly aliens with a huge variety of life forms. i also believe our government is fully aware of this (i.E. dhs has held secret meetings & rehearsals, with some of their staff taking convenient 3 week vacations that extend beyond august 21st). as to whether the government is playing along to achieve a global unification goal or if they only have a damn good hunch, like i have, i do not know. only time will tell; but, there are too many coincidental developments. i'm really reaching out here because i know of no other source with which to confer with experts. but, i do know this is coming; although, i wish it was not; because, people will die from either being murdered by alien raiders or from their own panic. * btw, your hq location is less than 5 miles from the beaches; which, places you in the combat zone; and, alien raiders will drive fast and deep to setup ambushes for reaction forces. i suggest you close the office on august 21st; or, discount my info and see what happens - nothing, i hope. ** thank you.

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