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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Harlan, Indiana on 2017-08-13 00:00:00 - Flashing white lights

Went outside at 10pm to let dog out in backyard. i decided not to turn on patio lights and see i could see the annual meteor shower for a few minutes. i was looking directly above me and facing north. after seeing one meteor i saw a white light illuminate just a little brighter than the stars visible in the sky. i saw it first out of the corner of my eye so moved my eyes to the spot in the sky i saw a another flash of light but much dimmer than the first that caught my eye. after it dimmed out a couple to few seconds later i saw the original brighter flash of light followed a couple seconds later with a dimmer light. this pattern of a bright light then a couple second pause the a much dimmer light went on for about 10 minutes. the light remained in the same position in the sky long enough for me to go dig binoculars out of a closet. when i went back outside i thought that the lights would've gone but when i came out they were still in the same spot in the sky. i was unable to see or track it with my binoculars. after probably 12 minutes it started to slowly move east. i watched it for another 15 or so minutes until i could no longer see it. an airline flew across the objects flight path. i got the impression the lights were higher in altitude than the airline. i also got the impression the second dimmer flash was offset a small amount from the actual location of the brighter flash. no sounds made by object. sky was clear and sun had set much earlier so. full night sky was visible. light was first seen a couple of degrees south of the big dipper where it was in the sky at 10 pm. flash of light was just a tiny bit brighter than the stars in the big dipper and the size of the flash was the size of visible star. second flash was much duller light and size was smaller than stars in big dipper. you really had to be focused on the spot in the sky to see the second flash. i have no idea how long the item was stationary before it started to slowly move east. my neighbors and i have seen numerous strange occurrences in the night sky in this location. we seen a spectacular one about 8 years ago that lasted over a minute which was very low very bright. i felt compelled to report this as there is just too much activity going on to not report it.

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Credit: MUFON

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