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Thursday, August 31, 2017

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Black Triangle Sighting in Vaughn, Washington on 2007-03-31 20:30:00 - Large triangle spotted hovering in my neighborhood

My husband was driving our minivan, i was in the front passenger seat, and our 8 year old was seated behind in the driver's side. we we're driving home just after sunset and as we began to drive down the hill that overlooks the forested area we live in i noticed a red pulsating light above our street. i became angry, assuming a cell tower had been installed. i kept my eye on the light until it was obscured by trees, hoping to figure out the exact location.I continued to look for it as we drove down our road. i spotted it again and as we approached it i noticed the pulsating red light was in the center of the bottom of an equalteral triangle shaped object floating just above the tops of the mature douglas fir trees. i told my husband to stop, and he did so in our lane. he and my daughter could not see it from their side of the van due it's position. it was at least 60 feet long on each side, dark grey or black with a small white light on each corner. i was describing it, rolled down my window and it went dark. i thought "oh no, i was just getting a good look at it" when suddenly the bottom became illuminated by a dim light. not glowing, but light washing uniformly over the dark grey surface. i felt as if it/they had read my thoughts and lit it for me to better see. it had the large red light in the center and slim ribs protruding slightly from it to each corner. my husband asked if he should park and i suddenly became very protective feeling regarding our child, even a little frightened. i told him no and to drive to our house 300 feet down the road. we parked at home, and walked back to the spot but was gone.

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Credit: MUFON

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