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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Maryville, Tennessee on 2017-08-21 14:10:00 - This showed up on my camera from yesterdays eclipse taken about 15 minutes before complete eclipse

We live in east tn on a farm right at the border of smoky mtn. national park. i was taking a great deal of pictures yesterday to capture the behavior of animals on our farm during an eclipse for my blog i do on farmlife. about 15 minutes before the full eclipse i was taking pictures of my goats. i have a special setting on my camera that does artsy shots. so, i press the camera once and it takes four pictures in rapid succession in different stylistic forms. when i downloaded my pics today i noticed in one of my shots that had four different interpretations of the shot spanning about 1/100ths of a second intervals - an object in the sky high and smaller. there were no birds flying at this time...As we had all noticed much earlier. the animals including our chickens and turkeys had all gone to lay down. then on the next picture the object had moved a vast amount and was larger but looks to have dropped about 300 feet directly downward. it was shaped like a disc. so, the odd thing is in the series of four camera shots, the first picture didnt have any object, then picture two and three both showed this disc like object and the fourth picture didnt have it at all. so when you look at these two pictures side by side that were taken 1/100th of a second apart, it had moved a huge amount. in the first pic that has the sphere it is tilted at an angle like it is going downward. in the second picture it has decended what is probably 100s of feet in the sky and the disc is now horizontal. in the pictures i sumbit below please note that they are stylized differently i.E. you can see clouds in one and not the other as that was the artsy thing the camera does...It makes the picture color or black and white. but i wanted to point out that file 1 was the first shot of the two where the disc was higher in the sky. file 2 the disc had dropped near vertical to much lower in the sky. for your reference, i also noticed in other pictures wierd orb like object in the upper left to the sun the whole day......It turned pink and could even be picked up through when i took pictures through my solar glasses covering the camera lens. i dont know what that was either. those are files 3,4, and 6. you actually see the mass type energy ball that i am referring to in the upper corner of the picture of image 4952 somewhat higher that the black disc. i have no idea what this stuff is as none of us saw any of this with the naked eye. and the one picture through the solar glasses that was put in front of the camera...You see that energy ball in it too. so there are really two things baffling us, the black flying object and then that mega energy ball sphere that was above the black object and is seen in all pictures to the left of the sun/eclipse.

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Credit: MUFON

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